This episode of the Wholeness Podcast, Melissa Kathryn dives deep about releasing perfectionism to learn self-love, self-worth, and happiness.

Many successful women find themselves bound to the notion of perfectionism; the constant judgement of themselves against the idea of perfection.

Melissa reminds us that putting in the work to battle perfectionism, self-judgement and that negative voice in your head, benefits everyone: your spouse, partner, family, co-workers, children and most of all yourself.

This act leads to peace; when you are happy with yourself, you are less apt to lose patience with those around you.

Melissa clearly breaks down the two types of trauma, and gives tools to help rewrite the story, so as to not internalize it but use it to heal, grow and transcend your current reality.

You are enough! You are worthy of all good things.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Two types of trauma: How to acknowledge what you have experienced and not have it own you.
  • How to rewrite your trauma or challenging life (self) story; knowing it had nothing to do with you and your behaviors were actually gifts of protection not pain.
  • How to deeply own that you are enough – NOW.
  • Why you are worthy of all good things. When we don’t feel worthy, we turn to destructive things to fill the void.

In this episode you are also asked to sit with these questions:

  • What am I ready to get rid of?
  • What am I ready to change?
  • What is no longer serving me?

In diving inward you’ll find your freedom and, the inner peace, joy and flow you’ve been desiring!

Key Notes:

“There are two types of trauma: little “T” trauma, and big “T” Trauma. Little “T” trauma can be somebody saying something mean to you that you just never forgot. If it triggers an emotional response in you, at this point in time as an adult…that is trauma. Big T trauma is rape, abuse, being pulled from your home as a child into foster care…”

“I see women who will come in my program and say ‘I didn’t have any trauma.’ You don’t need to have experienced something of that nature to have experienced a trauma that forever left you feeling less than or having a story of somehow you are not deserving or worthy of the things that you want.”

Words to my client, who suffered from lifelong anxiety, due to childhood trauma: “What if that anxiety was a strength…what if that anxiety was a way to love you because at that time, the anxious response system was the best you could do, and it actually saved you further fear based thinking or further sadness, despair or depression. Now we can love that anxiety and go ‘thank you for showing up for me, and at this point in my life, I don’t need you anymore. ‘”

“I was doing the best that I could, at that given time, given what I knew in life, and who I was. I was doing the best that I can, and today in this moment I am doing the best that I can, and it is enough. “

“There is nothing wrong with you. Remind yourself, and everyday meet yourself with that grace that ‘I am doing the best that I can.’”

“What am I ready to get rid of? What am I ready to change? What is no longer serving me?

“We are all put on this planet to come to the actualization of our own power and truth within ourselves.”

“Only you can change what your experience is…we have to change the thoughts; the way we are experiencing life.”


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