This is a special series of Episodes in which Melissa Kathryn shares the spotlight with her client Rose from her Weight Loss For Life group, to share about her challenges and triumphs this past year, as she embarked on her journey to wholeness.

Wholeness is getting you back to who you were before you ever thought you were “less than” so you can shine your light and live the life and have the body you’ve always wanted and known was meant for you in your soul.

When Melissa introduces Rose, Rose shares her background of what led her to Weight Loss for Life, which was a lifelong battle of gaining and losing weight along with a lack self-worth that caused her to struggle with her dreams as an artist.

Rose is an RN specializing in Palliative Care and is beginning to coach individual’s as an End of Life consultant on the heals of a major loss in her life which is shared more deeply in this episode. She is also a musician, singer and actress.

Melissa explores with Rose how her weight impacted her creative work and reveals the rebirthing journey over the nine month program of Weight Loss for Life.

Rose shares her old identity vs. her identity now- she now knows her worth and no longer has to question that. Her whole life she has struggled with depression and a melancholy spirit, and as the youngest of a large family, her weight loss has helped her “grow up.”

Rose continues to share a personal story of a very special friendship over the past nine months and how the beauty of that relationship has shown her who she is and of what she is capable. In addition, she found the Weight Loss for Life community to be meaningful accountability and support that she greatly needed during a difficult time

Melissa shares how she watched Rose take something heartbreaking and used tools to unfold and transcend her difficult loss into a rebirthing of a new passion in her life that will help so many. Melissa asks Rose to share with other women that are widows, have lost someone they love, are struggling with weight or “playing small in their life,” how she “slapped a smile on” when inside she was binging and not so good and needed to recognize she deserved more.

Rose echoes that Weight Loss for Life helped her believe in who she is and recognize her crazy thoughts that were filling her mind. She also shares her favorite tools from the program.

In conclusion, Melissa and Rose emotionally celebrate that Rose’s journey has ultimately led her to love herself and she is going to continue the Weight Loss for Life journey as an accountability partner for her sister.

If you feel hopeless or like what you want is too far from you. It’s not. You are exactly where you are supposed to be and reading this for a reason.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How change is always possible and rebirthing takes place in many ways with life being a catalyst and the time is always available to you – should you take it
  • Shedding the old is part of who we thought we were supposed to be
  • Unfolding happens with tools that are used to help you change patterns
  • Flipping thought patterns is the key to self-worth and loving yourself
  • Inspired action and trusting your internal guidance is a key for change

Key Notes:

“Weight Loss for Life is generally a nine month program, and it’s a rebirthing- a shedding of the old beliefs, shedding the weight, shedding the story and the identity connected to that person – and becoming who you’re meant to be, without the weight.”

“Rose took what was heartbreaking and devastating and asked how she could transcend that to be a gift for her.”

“You’re convincing yourself of something every minute of every day. What are you going to fill your mind with? Positive or Negative?”

“That’s been the biggest change- flipping that around and I AM WORTHY, but I had to change the way I think.”

“One thing we teach in the program is recognizing you’re just an observer of your thoughts and your thoughts are not you- you create your identity.”

“I am a joyous, passionate, creative, powerful wonder woman, and I consistently choose thoughts and behaviors that are for my highest good. I bring light, love and laughter to the world and I cannot fail.”

“These powerful statements fuel your identity.”

“If you had three years left to live, what would you do. How would you show up?”

“Your whole life could be gone tomorrow. Are you living your best life?”

“Writing things down is very powerful.”

“One of things I love about Rose is…you step into your power and light and live boldly and continue to spread that and share that which means, together, we impact so many more.”

“It’s not going to happen by sitting at home, being sad. You can’t find the change in the place you are. You’ve got to move. Unless you move, the place you are is the place you’ll always be.”

“Energetically, you’ve got to get yourself up and out of the muck.”

“You can not think yourself out of feeling bad. The analyzer and the perfectionist loves to go into that. You have to move and take action for real change.”

“Please don’t be afraid to change or feel like it is far from you.”


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