In this episode, Melissa Kathryn shares her personal training and insight on how to protect yourself from negative energy and how to clear it. She really wants others to understand the full power of energy and how it works and can impact us on a deep level.

Melissa is very passionate about this because it was not until she understood the true impact of being around negative energy and how it can affect you, when it’s not even yours. And how the same applies to positive energy.

And why it is equally important to learn how to protect and clear it from your field to feel and function at your optimal levels.

Melissa also shares the types of people that will benefit from such an activity, the definition of energy and how to recognize the feeling of both good and bad energy in your body through her simple approach.

Furthermore, Melissa helps explain how energy impacts us in a variety of situations that and typical environments we find ourselves in often, so you can easily apply these principles to your life now.

Examples of such environments include being with family, at an event, working with colleagues and in regards to friendship. She recommends things to inhibit as well as welcome in,when dealing with energy and and why both are important.

Melissa also dive deep into family dynamics and how to navigate around those if others are negative and dim your light.

In conclusion, you will learn several practical ways to manage and protect your energy moving forward with insight into why each practical application is helpful. Melissa is happy to help with any questions at

Next up: How to Love Your Body and Release Weight and Stigmas Attached to It.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Understanding the different types of energy
  • Identifying environments that are most conducive to these types of energy and how to protect and clear yourself
  • How to identify other’s energy in your own body – to discern what is yours vs. theirs
  • Practicing practical tools to protect your energy

Key Notes:

“The more connected we get, the more we in tune we get with our bodies. Your body then becomes a compass which is a priceless tool.”

“So many women, especially the type A, controller, perfectionist…if you’re a dieter, you usually fall under that category. We love to have a plan for the plan for the plan, and we love to control everything. “

“Being an intuitive and empath, there’s a light you have that you are likely a sponge for energy vampires, for people that are negative and darkness. Darkness is drawn to the light.”

“We are all energy and comprised of energy. Our way of being can transmute onto others and vice versa.”

“One great test is when you go to an event. Who are the people you are drawn to talk to? Who seems toxic and negative and makes your body not feel good? Your body is that compass.”

“You will feel it in your being if it is a person that is going to enhance your experience or a person that is going to take.”

“You are not responsible to fix anybody. You are not responsible for anybody else’s happiness. They need to do the work.”

“You can shift your energy. The simplest way is…meditation.”

“Shift your energy into the thing that you desire and your vibration will align.”

“Often in family dynamics, there is a predetermined expectation based upon previous experiences, based on growing up together with your siblings and different dynamics that we can fall into.”

“When we’re decluttering our lives, we’re also decluttering people who aren’t lifting us up and discerning those we want to keep close.”

“Friendship goes both ways…there’s a difference in putting your energy on someone with a fix me “needy” energy vs. you’re emotionally aware with need for some guidance.”

“Anywhere you go, you can pick up energy.”

“Start to notice how you go in and how you leave.”

“A few ways to protect your energy are:

  1. Wrap yourself in a clear, protective bubble of gold and light as a shield from the world around you.
  2. There are crystals that aid in protection and absorb energy.
  3. Sage (lighting or spraying) is scientifically proven to be helpful.
  4. Palisonto, a wooden stick, can be lit to clear the energy in your home.
  5. Epsom salt baths or foot soak and being in water in general is very cleansing.
  6. Be intentional about your energy each day.
  7. Envision a rose between you and anyone with negative energy. Imagine the energy going into that rose. At the end of the exchange, envision those roses turning to dust.”

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