This week is a special episode dedicated to honoring you, through loving you this Valentine’s Week. In this episode, Melissa Kathryn talks about partnering with oneself in order to have true self love. She explains what truly loving yourself means and shares personal testimony from her own journey, including stories of self-sabotage and self-rejection, ultimately leading to her own personal healing.

Melissa provides a list of questions to help you identify where you are in your relationship with yourself and symptoms of being in a negative space including your own self sabotage and lack of love within yourself. She also explains the characteristics of a classic dieter and the end result versus where she is leading you.

In conclusion, Melissa recommends a practical exercise to complete every day in an effort to connect with yourself, to find love within and become whole. Also, she would love to hear from you in journey to a thriving life in a body you love. Connect with her at ​​.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Identifying your connection with yourself
  • Examining your level of self-love
  • Practicing a self-love exercise to take your relationship with yourself to the next level

Key Notes:

“Pay attention to your thoughts. What are the things you say to yourself?”

“What do you say when you look in the mirror?”

“Self pampering for many women is maintenance, a “to do” list.”

“When are you with yourself and how often do you choose not to be with yourself?”

“The connection with yourself will be the greatest relationship you have.”

“I thought my weight was a portal to my happiness.”

“Where there’s lack, you’ll fill the gaps with food in the confines of weight loss.”

“I am deserving and worthy of people going out of their way to love me.”

“When you look at feminine and masculine energies, it’s important to recognize which space you’re predominantly playing and balance it. Where there’s a lack of that balance, you will feel devoid and look for a way to fill it.”

“Where we have desire, we will find a way to get our needs met.”

“Loving you right now is a call. It is needed.”

“Healing your relationship with food is the foundation to propel yourself forward in all areas of your life.”

“If you don’t do this work, you will self sabotage yourself.”

“Meet yourself with love. Notice if you want to make yourself wrong and fault yourself.”

“These are all ways of rejecting you.”

“Our perception creates our reality.”

“Diets are a symptom of a surface, unhealed wound.”

“Isolation equals self rejection. Dieters are isolators.”

“A dieter is someone that is in a constant state of restriction, self deprivation.”

“A dieter is someone that is constantly feeding on the belief that you’re not enough.”

“Are you feeding yourself with loving thoughts or are you constantly in a negative space?”

“I am ready for love right now, the way I am now. I am enough right now.”

“If something is always outside of us, we will always feel less than.”

“I am more than my thoughts.”

“If you hear something negative, cancel, clear, delete and tell yourself, ‘The truth is….’”

“The book, The Power of the Subconscious Mind, talks about catching yourself in thought before it fully forms. Course correct it right away. Cancel, clear, delete. Reprogram.”

“Where we resist is exactly where you need to go.”

“If you’re not coming up against negative thoughts, you’re not growing.”

“First ask yourselves the questions {above}. Next, adopt the mirror work and complete it each day.”

Key Questions to ask yourself in Your Journey To Wholeness:

  1. Notice when you’re getting dressed. Do you look at yourself in the mirror? What does it do to yourself when you see yourself naked?
  2. Notice if you consider self love to be getting manicures, pedicures, television, put something on constantly. It’s a way to not fully connect with you.
  3. Recognize your patterns of self sabotage. Do you find yourself staying up late? Are you always on a diet leading to purging, eating or overeating?”


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