In this episode of the Wholeness podcast, Melissa Kathryn guides you through the characteristics of the Rebel archetype and specific practices for embracing your inner Rebel, and her self-sabotaging tendencies as protection mechanisms meant to help you not hurt you. Melissa provides listeners with her insights about this and the other archetypes, reframing them to be assets rather than liabilities.

If you identify as a Rebel archetype, you may find that you live in extremes, swinging from working hard to playing hard with little balance, causing you to feel exhausted and rebel against all your hard earned success. After you sabotage your success whether in overeating or overspending for example, shame and guilt then cause a downward spiral followed by an even harsher regiment of a restricted life, which builds seeds of rebellion and start they cycle all over again.

Rebels often feel like they are not worthy and they struggle with follow-through and commitment, often because the thing they have “committed” to is not really what they want to be doing. As a Rebel, your core desire is harmony and peace – deep love with yourself and then others.

The roots of this archetype began during your childhood if one of your parents or authority figures set specific standards or expectations and left little room for personal growth or self-expression. Even as an adult, you feel torn between what you’ve been conditioned to do and what you want to do, seeing one option as devoid of pleasure and the other as gluttonous. This self-sabotage can take the form of the fear of failure or of unfulfilled approval.

Melissa Kathryn offers several recommendations and exercises to support you through shifting from a Rebel who sabotages yourself to using this archetype to your advantage and view the rebellion as beautiful insight and specific guidance toward your path to your highest self and most joy in this life.

Additionally, she provides two exercises for Rebels to walk through on their own or with their coach:

Exercise 1: Write down 3 aspects of your life where you feel unbalanced or unfulfilled. Ask yourself these questions:

What is it that I really want to happen?

What would make me happy?

Why have I not taken any action yet?

What am I afraid will happen if I take action?

Exercise 2: Write down the areas of your life where you are living in extremes.

Ask yourself: How does this make me feel? What am I getting from this? Am I ready to let that go?

Remember that you are in the driver’s seat. Trust your inner guidance. Recognize the rules you are placing on yourself and ask if they are rules you want to have. Reduce your goals by 30% to decrease burnout. Think about who you are and why you rebel. Compete with yourself when it comes to balance and follow-through. Accept yourself and embrace the gift of your uniqueness.

The next episode of the podcast will outline the Nurturer archetype and Melissa Kathryn will offer her insights to those of you who identify as Nurturers.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Looking within to recognize the ways you self-sabotage
  • Starting your journey to wholeness with your relationship with your body
  • Tendencies and characteristics of the Rebel archetype
  • Where in childhood the Rebel’s core beliefs and desires could be rooted
  • Self-sabotage reactions are really just protection mechanisms meant to keep you safe
  • Two specific exercises for Rebels to go through

Key Notes:

“The life that you have at this moment you created, so if you want something to be different, you get to change that right now in this moment.”

“Words are your wants – they are either for you or against you.”

“Where we restrict, we will rebel.”

“I am deserving and worthy of my voice and my thoughts. I am worthy of everything I desire and more. It is safe for me to be seen and heard. I am at peace.”

“It’s important for you to fully accept yourself and take note of how often you make yourself wrong and feel confined by life’s circumstances.”

“The more the Rebel allows themselves to live in balance, the less they will act out. The more they accept themselves, the less they will live in extremes.”

“As a Rebel, you’ll internally feel pulled in two different directions, making it difficult to achieve your goal.”

“You can’t get where you want to go from where you currently are.”

“It’s only through awareness that we change…and shift into who we want to be.”

“Where there’s lack, you will fill the gaps with food.”

“Shifting your thoughts is a process that you’re really going to need to take action on daily to get the results you want.”

“Your uniqueness is a gift.”


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