In this episode, Melissa Kathryn talks about Coronavirus from a place of support to help you feel grounded, positive and safe in when the world may feel unsafe and times are uncertain. She begins with a meditation to ground you in, and calm the body.

Melissa offers that this time is an opportunity to shift from the perspective of quarantine to one of opportunity. She encourages listeners to recognize triggers and use this time to go higher within themselves and transcend these limiting beliefs or triggers around them and within themselves.

This up-leveling includes tuning out negative messages, media and those in your life prone to fear based and lack thinking, to instead embrace how to make good memories for your family and yourself, while focusing inward on what serves you and others better.

This is a time out from the normal chaos of life, and time to tune in to what you have needed for a long time, if given the chance to slow down.

While Melissa understands the personal effect of this virus from the impact on her own family, her desire is for you to wade these waters via connection with your body rather than your mind. As always, feel free to contact her with your thoughts or questions on this episode.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Receive a guided meditation to relax, restore and calm your body
  • Recognize triggers that are your default and learn how to transcend them
  • Learn how to embrace this time as an opportunity to best serve yourself and others

Key Notes:

“There is a lot of information and there are a lot of fears and it’s palpable.”

“Stress creates disease in the body.”

“What you can control is they way you perceive this time in the world, how you feel, the thoughts you choose to have and the experience you choose to have.”

“This is a beautiful time to recognize triggers and release these ways that aren’t serving you. Use this opportunity to shift.”

“This is an opportunity to spin quarantine to recognize the gift in it.”

“This too shall pass and we will go back to a different state of being. What can we take from this?”

“Use this as a release to allow the die off of broken belief systems.”

“This is a way for you to uplevel your being in the world.”

“How can we use this as an opportunity?”

“How can we create this opportunity to make it a good memory for everyone?”

“Now more than ever is time to put [social media] aside and show up big.”

“Inspire others. Help others. We are all needing to be resources for one another right now.”

“This is an opportunity to go inward. Keep your body and your mind in the present tense. Try not to get too far gone with what you’re seeing and the stress of the news and media.”

“It’s never really helped anyone to fixate on the news and the media. Fixating isn’t going to serve anybody.”

“Do what you can to ground in each day not to operate from your mind but from your body.”

“Share your resources and what’s working for you.”


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