In this live video podcast, Melissa provides support during the uncertainty and chaos of coronavirus. This time at home, in different routines, and without the busyness of our normal schedules is an opportunity for an energetic upgrade and cleansing. It’s time to connect with your body, come back to being human and support yourself in the present moment.

Melissa reminds us that this is the perfect time to use our feminine way of being, not doing. Slow down and support yourself, rejecting the voice in your mind that says you aren’t worthy or that you need to accomplish something to consider yourself a good person. Instead, this is your opportunity to clarify what you want for yourself and identify ways of being that aren’t working for you.

As uncertain as this time may be, use it for good by getting back to what matters most: human connection and enjoying all the facets of life, no matter what you feel called to.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Mindless eating and connecting to your body
  • This is time for an energetic upgrade
  • The call to come back to being human
  • Listen to your body’s eating pattern
  • Take the opportunity for human connection and enjoying nature
  • Be present and don’t get caught in fear of the future
  • Support yourself
  • Don’t give yourself one more project
  • Your worth is not tied to what you do
  • Let go of the voice that tells you that you aren’t worthy
  • Allow your imagination to run wild during activities of being

Key Notes:

“You trust what you’re being guided to and there’s a peace in that and you’re not controlling it. In that peace there is freedom.”

“Your body is getting to uplevel. You’re getting to shed old ways of being that aren’t serving you and step into new ways of being that you’ve been desiring for yourself.”

“Your sole job on this planet is to have fun and to enjoy and to enjoy all the facets of life, whatever you feel called to.”

“We’re all being called to come back to being human. To get out of so much disconnection and so much sporadic energy and frenetic energy.”

“This is an opportunity for us to come back to the things that matter most in this world, which is human connection, not isolation.”

“We are cleansing, we are all getting a break.”

“What you can control is how you experience today, how you experience what’s going on.”

“You have an opportunity now to really manifest, to really cocreate with the universe, to really get clear on the things that you desire for yourself and use this as an opportunity to go ‘What ways of being aren’t serving me?’”

“We don’t need another negative voice that’s finding fault within ourselves. What we need is to support ourselves. You don’t need to have another project that you need to mark off your list to deem yourself worthy and deserving of telling yourself that you’re a good person.”

“Your worthiness is not tied to what you do.”


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