In today’s episode Melissa wanted to address many of the messages she’s continually receiving about COVID and how to best survive during this time.

Melissa shares with listeners some key strategies for thriving in the middle of a pandemic, especially with regard to health and wellness. She’s received a lot of responses about how to deal with the new normal, and how not to eat everything in sight, so she developed this plan to help her listeners re-establish the structures necessary to beat this regain a sense of certainty in crisis.

  1. If you’re feeling generally out of control and overwhelmed with the sameness, you need to first create a routine. Make things consistent again to get out of vacation-mode.
  2. Take control of your eating. Set hours for your kitchen to curb the endless snacking. Pay attention to what you’re putting in your body, in your mind, etc. Establish meal times. Cooking at home can really help with this. High-nutritional profile foods and whole foods are best. Be mindful about the food that’s in your house. Keep track of whether your eating habits are reactionary.
  3. Set yourself up for a successful day by letting yourself get adequate sleep. Break the habits (i.e. screens) that are hindering your ability to get a good night’s sleep.
  4. Pay attention to how often you’re moving. We become stagnant when we’re not choosing to move and be creative about our physical activity. Be sure to schedule it first thing. Mapping out the week in advance can be very helpful.
  5. Focus on your mindset. Be mindful about what you’re allowing in your mind because they impact every part of your life.
  6. Make intentional connections. Call your friends and family while walking. FaceTime people so you can feel the energy and connection with another person. Schedule phone dates on the weekends to keep your routine and give yourself something to focus on. Consider scheduling watching Netflix with other people. Pay attention to your moods.
  7. If you’re spiritual, lean on God’s plan of greater good. Continue to pray if you pray. Let go of the things that haven’t been serving you.
  8. Don’t smirch your creativity. Make time for your creative passions.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to Eat to NOT Gain Weight
  • Powerful Morning & Evening Routines
  • Improve Your Sleep
  • How to Make Sure You Move Each Day
  • Find Inner Peace

Key Takeaways

  • Use routine to reinforce certainty.
  • You can control your view of this experience.
  • Only two human emotions: love and fear. Which wave are you riding?
  • Nourish yourself to regain control of your life.
  • How to avoid mindlessly eating as a coping mechanism.
  • Movement goals can increase your health and productivity.
  • Intentional mindfulness can promote general positivity.
  • You ultimately control your time, how to use it creatively.

Key Points

“Really start to pay attention to what you are using to fuel your mind.”

“The things you’re fueling your mind with are hanging in your psyche.”

“You are creating the habits that are healthy or hurtful right now.”

“If you feel off, it’s about coming back to center.”

“The Three P’s: Plate it, portion it, put it away.”

“We don’t want the quarantine fifteen.”

“Get up earlier than your kids if you need to.”

“Exercise is a happiness pill for all.”

“You have the ability to let go of the things your business kept you from.”


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