Settle into this episode of the Wholeness podcast and receive the truths that Melissa Kathryn will provide to you. The topic of this episode is the fourth and final archetype as described in Melissa Kathryn’s book, Eat Right For Your Archetype, and while it’s likely that everyone will identify a little bit with each archetype, there are certainly listeners who primarily identify with the archetype described on this episode: The Nurturer. Again there will always be a primary and a secondary that rule your sabotaging behaviors.

It’s important with this and other types of personality assessments to focus on elements of the description that resonate with you rather than finding your entire identity wrapped up in this characterization. Likewise, soak in the fact that among those who relate most strongly with the same archetype as you, there will be vast diversity when it comes to your dreams, desires, and life journeys.

The Nurturer archetype does things for others at a cost to herself, is focused on service, would be considered a giver who has difficulty receiving, struggles with asking for help, and feels guilty when she is taking care of herself. She deeply desires to be cared for, held, wanted, and needed, but she doesn’t know how to ask for these things. Her core belief is that she is not worthy because others are more important and by always trying to do or be more, she steals her own joy. A lot of mothers identify strongly with this archetype.

Melissa Kathryn’s mantra for Nurturers is “I choose me. I am deserving and worthy of my dreams and the goodness that surrounds me I now receive with ease.” She encourages Nurturers to identify your beliefs around each of your traits and consider how you are making yourself a priority. The goals for growth for Nurturers are to cultivate a relationship with yourself, to receive, to say no, and to set boundaries.

The first exercise for Nurturers is “Speak to Your Heart”. Sit comfortably in the morning with your eyes closed and practice deep breathing, then ask yourself what you really need and want by tapping your heart gently and saying “Heart – what is it that you need?” Be still and listen, breathing in for a count of 5, holding your breathe in for a count of 5, exhaling for a count of 5, and then holding your breathe out for a count of 5. Trust the guidance you receive and perhaps record what you get from these sessions in a journal. The second exercise is “Just Say No” in which you speak your truth and stand up by saying “no” to things that don’t align with your truth.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Take from personality assessments only the things that resonate with you
  • Exercises to connect with yourself as a Nurturer
  • Traits, desires, beliefs, and mantra of the Nurturer archetype
  • Connecting with your inner child
  • Strengthening and appreciating your muscle of receptivity
  • Getting into feminine flow
  • Hearing the voice in your head

Key Notes:

“I do not want you to get tied to an identity based on limitation.”

“What life have I been living? And why?”

“Whose voice am I hearing? Are these my real goals?”

“Believing in something bigger than yourself is the best gift you can give yourself.”

“I choose me. I am deserving and worthy of my dreams and the goodness that surrounds me I now receive with ease.”

“If you don’t see your goals as having the same value as others then you won’t become a priority.”

“Heart – what is it you need?”

“The divine – your inner guidance – speaks to you through our bodies and in subtle ways, not in lightning bolts. Tune in and hear the whispers.”

“Your mind will always keep you safe and persuade you to stay stuck out of fear.”

“Your heart will always lead you to freedom, fun, and love.”

“You are a gift and you were born worthy of all of your desires and so much more.”

“If you are working against you, you will be halted or paralyzed by your own fear.”

“More into a space of love.”

“’No’ is a complete sentence.”


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