Melissa talks about the concept of the “power of intention,” and its ability to help you be a co-creator of your day and therefore your life. This is extremely empowering, especially during a time of such uncertainty.

She goes in-depth helping her listeners to understand the concept Melissa teaches about how we all wear masks, different persona’s of ourselves we’ve intuitively created throughout our lives to support ourselves in varying life situations.

However, as we age, some masks no longer support us because we realize we are hiding our true selves and our desires. Over time, we can stop expressing our opinions, blocking our emotions and in many cases our dreams and desires, settling for a life, body and relationships that are not what our hearts have really longed for nor what our soul has called us to experience in this life.

These “masks” you’ve developed to help you cope with life, actually end up hurting you, and it can be confusing as you realize you built a life that is not what you really wanted or you’ve been struggling with your weight, career, money or relationships, because you’ve been afraid to be yourself and aren’t even clear on who that woman might be. Most of all the fear of not being accepted if you are true to yourself.

This is where being intentional, allows you to embrace your dreams and allow them to manifest through setting your daily desires in the intention setting practice Melissa shares in today’s episode.

Melissa explains that there is a serious distinction between setting intentions (desires for outcomes) and making to-do lists. Intentionality can fuel all the desires you have, including making healthier eating choices, sleeping more soundly, and being more present in the day.

Brief Outline:

  1. Intentionality defined. “Masks,” or ways we learn to cope with the problems of life
  2. What’s on your plate? (And who put it there?) What if you prepared your meals ahead of time?
  3. Let go of control.
  4. Invite in your highest sense of self to be present; remember you are a divine being.
  5. The power of intention explained.
  6. Get a journal specifically for keeping track of your intention.
  7. The pieces of you that try to sabotage yourself are under your control.

What You’ll Learn

  • Difference between intention and a to-do list.
  • You’re in control of what you put on your plate.
  • You can delegate responsibility to release some control.
  • Intentionality comes from a desire to do something.
  • To-do lists come more from a “must do” sense.
  • Your food behavior at bedtime is going to influence the next day.
  • How to log your intentions into an intention journal.
  • You can program your subconscious mind to influence the direction for the day.

Key Points

“We don’t need to be at the mercy of everyone.”

“I invite the universe to send miracles my way.”

“Life isn’t happening to us, it happens for us.”


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