I coach a lot of women as you know, I have two group programs and a full private practice. I also have the gift of getting to speak with my community and hear firsthand what they struggle with.

I was talking with a client of mine, we’ll call her Sarah. She gained 30 pounds in the past 3 years. When we sat down to talk, Sarah explained, “I feel safer at this weight” but I’m super unhappy here too”. I asked her, “Safe from what?” She explained that she didn’t feel like she had the same responsibility or image to uphold, that having this weight on, gave her an escape to just be. She was able to hide and not be seen. For her, this is something she wanted and needed to feel in her life at that time and her weight gain allowed this.

*(See, there’s always a reason why the weight is there. Just know, more times than not, you put the weight on to protect yourself, comfort yourself, ease pain or sadness, discomfort…)

I explained to Sarah that there’s a story around her weight, where she identifies being thin with not being safe for her to be her true self, be seen and shine, and most of all accept all of who she is. So, together we rewrote her story and released the limiting beliefs she had, so she could lose weight without emotionally sabotaging herself with food, which is a fear-based pattern behavior to protect her – this is how our minds work, we train them to behave this way through our thoughts and actions.

In only 3 weeks she’s lost 11 pounds with ease (no diets) since we released her story and shifted her mindset.

I have another client, we’ll call her Jessica, who, in her recent first discovery session said, “I’m so sick of yo-yo dieting, I’m ready to get this weight off now”. As we talked, I asked a series of questions to guide us to the root of what continues to get in the way of her weight loss. Through my process, I connected her energy block and limiting belief around weight loss. She had a reoccurring theme that weight loss = bad things happenings to her, because in the past when she lost weight, she got negative attention that made her feel uncomfortable.

This awareness alone has shifted her view of weight loss and eating healthy in only a week. The changes in her mindset and her choices from fitness and food have been remarkable.

*(Again, this is a story of protection, her yo-yo dieting is a way her mind kept sabotaging because there is underlying fear that something bad will happen if and when she loses the weight, which is why never loses it and keeps it off)

Why are these stories important for you?

Because, you don’t need another diet. There is nothing wrong with you. You don’t need more information, workouts or eating plans…

You have a story, a limiting belief around weight loss. This story, is what holds you back from following through on a weight loss plan. This story is what drives your mind and emotions to say things like…

“You’re not enough”

“You can’t lose weight”

“It’s never going to happen for you”

“Weight loss is hard”

“You can’t have the body you want”

These voices are not real. They’re based on limiting beliefs and past experiences, along with feelings of failure around weight loss.

It’s time to break free and I’m here to help you! This is my super power – getting to the root, helping you connect and then release the weight with ease. Speak with me today here (limited time and offer – this month only).

Your limiting beliefs are closely tied to your story. You will not be able to lose weight if you don’t get to the root cause of why you put on weight to begin with.

You know what to eat and how to work out, there’s a reason you’re not doing it.

The issue is not you needing more information, will-power or discipline. The reason you can’t stick with a diet is because it’s a diet and it’s not sustainable. It’s because your mind is trained and you have a set of limiting beliefs that are running the show…driving you to eat late at night, binge, sabotage and then repeat the cycle.

Are you ready for it to end?

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Your emotions are keeping the weight on, because you haven’t healed them, you haven’t addressed what is at the core of the weight gain. Until you do this, you will stay stuck.

There’s a reason you’re mind won’t let you lose weight and keeps causing you to sabotage. Get to the root and you will release weight with ease. Until then, the vicious cycle will continue.

Are you ready to be free from dieting and start losing weight today? Speak with me this week, get your Weight Release Call.


Radiantly Yours,



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