Disclaimer: Melissa Kathryn is not a doctor. She is not recommending her teachings over taking your prescribed medications, nor is she claiming to be a healthcare provider or replace the need of one.

This episode of the Wholeness podcast provides you with a better understanding of your anxiety, fear, overwhelm, and other “negatively” perceived emotions, guiding and teaching you a specific exercise to tune in, receive guidance and diffuse the power these emotions have over you.

Melissa Kathryn believes that no one is born an anxious or fearful person, but becomes one through life experiences. These experiences can be referred to as “trauma’s”. There being two types of traumas that are commonly experienced for all humans; (big T) traumas and (little t) traumas occur in our lives from birth to adulthood. Often as children, our subconscious mind are still developing, and if a trauma occurs that is too big or painful for our mind to comprehend, we’re then not able to process it at the time and create a coping mechanism in our bodies, which can be referred to as anxiety, which stems from fear and overwhelm in the body. Anxiety, fear, overwhelm, and other negative emotions are the coping mechanisms set up by the brain to handle that situation and any similar future situations like it. It becomes a response mechanism one encounters when triggered by a similar feeling that stems from fear.

So while it is unpleasant and uncomfortable to feel these negative emotions, it is important first to acknowledge their purpose in your life and befriend them during the process of healing. Anxiety in particular is fixated on fear of the future, as well as past experiences, which stems from the fear that has been set up as a coping mechanism for events from the past. During these past traumas, you were forced to be very brave and take on more than you could handle, and it could be that you have never processed those events or allow yourself to feel the severity of them because you were in survival, protector mode, as the brain so beautifully does and is its main function.. .

Melissa Kathryn wants to walk you through the journey of listening to your anxiety and gaining freedom from it. Sitting with your feet flat on the floor and your palms up on your lap, practice deep breathing in a pattern of: inhale through your nose for a count of 5, suspend the breath for a count of 5, exhale through your mouth for a count of 5, and repeat for at least 5 cycles or as long as you need to. While deep breathing, tap your heart with your pointer and middle fingers and place your other hand where your anxiety lives in your body (belly, throat, chest, jaw, or elsewhere). Call on your anxiety and give it a color, then take note of what image you see, hear, or feel. Breathe into that feeling and ask your anxiety what messages it has for you, calling out any non-truths, and watching the color and image get smaller in your consciousness until the anxiety is diffused. Journal about your experience, what you saw, heard, and felt, and repeat this process anytime you feel anxiety, fear, overwhelm, or negative emotions washing over you.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Identify where the roots of anxiety, fear, and overwhelm are within your body and how to heal them
  • Recognizing and appreciating your anxiety for the protection it has provided and how to move beyond it and have it work for you
  • Acknowledging the Traumas that have impacted your life and how to use them to transcend your blocks and experience freedom
  • How to diffuse negative feelings, anxiety, fear and overwhelm using breathwork and a unique access point in the body

Key Notes:

“There is an identity that gets tied to being an anxious person where there’s a lot of guilt and shame around it.”

“All of these parts of us are parts of us.”

“Wholeness is coming back to a space of true love and power, seeing everything right with us instead of seeing fault within us. To see every area where we want to reject ourselves and instead love ourselves.”

“It’s not your identity – you’ve just made it your identity.”

“This anxiety has messages for you. Why are we shutting down the voice of anxiety? We need to really start to question it. We need to embrace it and understand that it created a big existence in our lives because it actually is helping you get through life.”

“They’re not based on the reality of what is. They’re based in the world of what ifs.”

“It’s actually through your connection and through feeling empowered within your coping mechanisms and within the way you show up in the world and within your very body and being that you’re not going to want to numb out but say ‘wait, there’s something here.’”

“A trauma is when you have an emotional response to something thinking back on it.”

“Breathing deep is essential for healing anxiety.”

“I see you. I allow you in this experience and I’m also here to tell you that you are not truth, you are not real, you have no hold over me.”

“Heart – what is it that you need me to know? Thank you for showing up today. We are safe.”

“The path to feeling good never feels bad.”


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