Have you ever thought about why you are craving certain foods? It must be something beyond just what your body needs and wants from a nutritional standpoint, right? In this episode of the Wholeness podcast, Melissa Kathryn reveals the true root causes for these cravings and how you can use them to heal, fulfill and take action on things you are truly craving in your life.  Your cravings, she explains are founded on unmet needs and desires and where there is an unmet need, the desire will find a way to get its needs met. Therefore, your cravings will persist until you take action on the underlying emotional need.

You will also learn in this episode, how you can use them as a clear channel for intuitive guidance and accept – rather than reject – yourself as you are.  Melissa explains there are two types of cravings we have and we all encounter both. These cravings are head and heart cravings, each craving has its own set of emotions, foods and actions they are wanting to be fulfilled.

Heart cravings stem from a lack of fulfillment in one or more areas of your life. These cravings of decadent foods such as carbs, cheese, chocolate, and ice cream are often accompanied by feelings of unworthiness or inadequacy. The root memories behind these heart cravings could be the way you felt accepted and loved during childhood or at a particular holiday or celebration when food was equated with love.

Head cravings are derived from anxiety, stress, overwhelm, frustration, guilt, or a lack of control in one or more areas of your life. You crave crunchy or chewy foods as a visible representation of the aspect of your life that you want to “chew” on before taking action. It can be helpful in these instances to do one thing at a time, perhaps using the pomodoro technique, shaking off the desire to continue procrastinating. It is alright to want a snack, but you should portion it out and then put the bag away.

The key four questions to ask yourself when having a head or heart craving are:

  1. Am I truly hungry right now?
  2. What is going on in my life right now?
  3. Is food going to solve the problem? Will it help me or hurt me?
  4. What can I do instead?

Notice what happens to your cravings after you ask yourself these questions and pursue the alternative action. Being more aware of what your body truly needs will be beneficial for you mentally and physically, connecting you to your higher self.


What You’ll Learn:

  • How to begin to release weight with ease
  • The four questions to ask yourself during a craving
  • How to fulfill the ultimate desires behind head and heart cravings
  • The differences between head and heart cravings


Key Notes:

“Cravings are clues and are giving you cues to what you’re actually needing in your life.”

“It’s in our connection to ourselves that we can transcend whatever has been blocking us or stopping us in any way and how we can move forward and actually more powerfully into a new place within ourselves.”

“Our body wants us to be at our ideal weight.”

“Your body can be a beautiful channel for self-healing.”

“We will desire foods that bring us back to a time in our lives when we felt complete, turned on, excited, fully loved and in a space of abundance.”

“I don’t believe that it’s actually about weight. We know in our soul when we’re not acting in accordance with our own good.”

“If you’ve been struggling with your weight for over a year, you don’t have a weight issue; you have a relationship with food and a lack of one with yourself.”

“There is nothing wrong with you. There is everything right with you.”

“For the person struggling with a head craving, the primary thing that’s going to support you is taking action.”

“You have to be an advocate for yourself…you will reap the benefits.”



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