In this episode of the Wholeness Podcast, Melissa Kathryn explores the differences between operating from feminine versus masculine energy. The shift in our consciousness the past 3 decades, releasing women from the need to operate as men to get ahead, and how to salvage or create new paradigms in your career, relationships and way of relating to yourself to become a manifesting magnet.

Melissa explains how she’s witnessed many female entrepreneurs from her generation and above lead from a masculine energy, in full striving, pushing, struggling and from a need to prove oneself. As a result, these same women experienced failed marriages, body breakdown or sacrificed having a family in order to pursue their dreams. Not anymore! Melissa is committed to women “Having It All” and without struggle, but through harnessing the power of their feminine to create bodies, careers, relationships and overall lives they love, with immense joy and ease!

This is not to say clear vision and inspired action isn’t needed, however, there is a new way of being, owning the power of the feminine to be Manifesting Magnets we were born to be.

In this episode of the Wholeness podcast, Melissa Kathryn will set your mind at ease and help you get back on the path to self-realization and creative expression by encouraging you to embody the power of your sacred feminine. When the balance of masculine and feminine energy is off, it is difficult to connect to your true self or to others in a healthy way, which can be particularly problematic when it comes to relating to your partner. It is important to realize that there is not one perfect “formula” for this energy balance, either, but that you will likely need to adapt based on the time and place. But this does not need to be overwhelming – you essentially just need to connect with your body and let it take the lead in this practice.

Tune in to hear about this and more, and to experience four powerful ways that Melissa Kathryn walks listeners through during this episode to harness their feminine energy:

  1. Say “yes” to life
  2. Use your voice – Make sure that everything on your end of the situation is clean, then articulate what you want to express.
  3. Hone your creativity – This is the most vital thing to stay in your feminine.
  4. Receive – Whether it is compliments, gifts, time, or yourself, be willing to receive what others give you.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to harness your feminine energy
  • Handling the pressure of “having it all”
  • Understanding what it looks like to get back into your feminine
  • Finding your sacred feminine through creative expression
  • Recognizing the time and place for masculine and feminine energy

Key Notes:

“What I see so often is that – especially women – we can hold so much.”

“When I started my business, there weren’t women who had it all.”

“Women had to be men, and still feel like they need to act like men, in the workplace.”

“Expressing your emotions is powerful.”

“The more that we can express and allow our emotions – that’s the power of being in our feminine.”

“What we don’t want to do is disconnect from our innate gifts and innate wisdom and try to be anything other than the feminine that is within us.”

“With each fault that we find in ourselves, we separate more and more from the divine connection and power within ourselves.”

“There is a myth around women that we need to be striving, we need to struggle in order to get the things that we want.”

“One of the gifts of the feminine is being able to receive.”

“Bless your yes’s and honor your no’s.”

“There is never a wrong time to express yourself.”

“Owning your worth is one of the most powerful thing you can do – it’s cultivating your own confidence, it’s speaking powerfully from your heart and womb space, it’s being so connected to yourself that you know exactly what you need, it’s not allowing anybody else to hurt you or take any of your power away.”


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