No matter your struggle, Melissa wants you to know that you can be awakened NOW, that you can be happy now, and that your current challenges are meant to build you up and become the greatest gifts in your life. Just as in the podcast episodes about eating right for your archetype, Melissa coaches her clients and listeners to take a hard look at your preprogramming and evaluate, if the life you are living is really the one that could make you the happiest, if it’s really the life that you want or if you’re holding yourself back based on someone else’s idea of what and who you should be.

Remember, there are only two human emotions: love and fear. Choose to let love and happiness reign in your life and see every challenge along your journey as another opportunity to rise up and experience your highest good. You can be a victor rather than a victim, by choosing your good feeling thoughts even in the darkest of times, and willing yourself to take the empowered path regardless of the adversity you are currently facing.

A great daily practice to instill this mindset within yourself is to practice gratitude every day. Be grateful for the big and small things alike, recognizing that each day is a gift and you should live in a way that would fill the pages of your life’s book with joy and happiness and encouragement for others.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Turning hardships into healing
  • Recognizing the most powerful gifts in your life
  • Transcending your challenges
  • Overcoming your preprogramming
  • Allowing yourself liberation and happiness

Key Notes:

“[Go through each day] knowing that intuitive guidance is the greatest gift and barometer for your own self-healing and up-leveling in your life, to bring you to your greatest joy, and to always listen and allow your highest self to lead you to what you need.”

“There’s two roads that you always get to choose – one that’s going to empower you and one that’s going to disempower you; one that’s going to lead you higher and one that’s going to derail you. You choose.”

“It’s all the way we want to perceive what’s being given to us in life.”

“How can I be in the beauty and celebration of what’s in front of me?”

“Before, I had a lot of ‘no’s, I had a lot of judgements, there was a lot of me living not for who I wanted to be but who I thought I was supposed to be.”

“We get gentle nudges and when we really get the “big wake-up call” that brings us to our knees, it’s because we ignored all the nudges along the way.” This episode will support you so that does not happen.

“Your soul has a calling, and when you’re not listening it will come back and it will come back bold to stop you in your tracks.”

“It’s never too late to pursue what your soul is guiding you to.”

“Let go of the voice of judgment and be in the voice of love.”

“There’s something greater that you don’t even know is going on in your experience right now.”

“The path of feeling good never feels bad.”

“Take whatever has happened to you in your life and turn it into the greatest gift.”

“My words are my wand.”

“You are powerful beyond measure and only good is meant for you.”

“We are never brought to our knees to be broken down but only to be built up.”

“There are absolutely no limits on what I can create and what I am available to receive and who I can be in this world.”

“Without pain, we don’t know the contrast of what’s good.”

“Every time a challenge is given to you, it is only so you can transcend and go higher.”


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