Today’s Weight Loss Wednesday is a common question and a really important one for me to address.

Girl, please stop making it so hard on yourself. It’s already challenging for women to be mothers, wives, and business women with the expectation of looking good and feeling good while doing it. Let’s be honest, regardless of your age, current marital status, number of kids or no kids, you’re juggling A LOT.

And to top it off, you have these crazy high expectations of needing to have it all together, do it all and look like a Victoria Secrets model while doing it.

Release the pressure and take off your superwoman cape. Your family will eat what you make them. Give them too many options, and it’s like a woman shopping, we get confused and end up wanting it all or buying nothing.

The same goes for your children and partner. Being healthy and creating a healthy lifestyle does not need to be hard or add stress or pressure to your already hectic life.

Make it easy with my simple steps below, and start enjoying instead of feeling like you have to spend your time pleasing everyone else at your expense

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