The long 4th of July weekend is almost here . . .

You told me you want to lose weight, BUT you also said you want to have fun and don’t want to deprive yourself anymore, right?.

This seems to get a little tougher during the holidays.

We both know there will be chips, cocktails, cookies, and family pushing food on you. You’ve come so far! **Now is not the time to go into “I’ll just start again Monday” mode!**

I know I keep telling you to trust your body, but you’re not fully there yet. I want you to be strong and stand in your power this weekend. You’re not going to sabotage all your healthy choices this holiday weekend if you follow these

5 Simple tips to NOT overeat!

1. If it’s not a Hell Yes, it’s a Hell NO – yes there is going to be a buffet of food, most of them on your “bad food” list (I will get you to stop thinking in these terms of good and bad, but baby steps;). Yes, the food will be taunting you, especially if you have alcohol in your system. This is how you handle it; taste it, if it’s AHHHMAZING, eat a small amount, if it’s not, throw it out or put it back. You didn’t go for a run to waste it on mediocre food. You will also be surprised how satisfied you are with a few bites of delicious food.

2. Bring your own dish – Surround yourself with healthy options so you’re not left famished or stuck eating crap or foods that make you feel bad. Remember, this is a lifestyle and people love when you bring a dish!

3. Set your intention – Ask yourself “How do I want to feel at the end of today, tonight, this weekend? What is my intention?”. Think about it and act accordingly. Don’t circle around the food or sit next to it. That’s like telling an alcoholic to sit at the bar. It doesn’t make sense.

4. Check in with your body – remember, you want to be comfortably full, not wishing you could unbutton your pants. Drink water, move and stay present to the experience. Celebrate you!

5. Have Fun – play is about moving your body: dance, swim, run, get up and move! It’s a celebration and is meant to be enjoyed. Food is not the main show, you are!

To help you even more, I have two of my favorite Fit N Five, July 4th recipes for you below. All Fit N Five Recipes are clean, simple and delicious. 🙂


You deserve only the best and your body is a temple…you goddess you!