Happy Mother’s Day!

We are all mother’s in our own right, not just to our immediate families but to all those who cross our paths.

As women, we are naturally nurturing. We love to give, take care of and be there for everyone! I shared this sentiment in our Done With Dieting group.

I did a post on being “Superwoman” – yes, in theory I love this powerhouse female – but it’s gotten a little to life-like in expectancy from our society that aspiring to be Superwoman is what women should aim for.

The notion to me is exhausting.  Yes I wore her pj’s when I was 5 and love what she stands for-but this push energy, the pressure to be an amazing friend, mother, daughter, lover, wife, business woman, mentor and look incredible and always be happy and positive…I’m tired typing that out.

Last weekend I went to an amazing intimate luncheon with Oprah’s producer, Sheri Salata said it best, “women CAN have It ALL, we don’t have to BE it all”.  This weekend, especially, as I honor you, for Mother’s Day, let’s take/make time to remind one another – all the amazing women in your life, that we CAN HAVE IT ALL without killing ourselves to get there.

It’s actually the power of being a women, owning our power of simply being, trusting and listening to our powerful, internal guidance system that will give us what we desire most.  We simply need to sit back and be, hold the intention and let life and those in it, bring it to us, with joy, ease and immense surrender to the power of feminine flow.

There is a poem I love and read daily by Maya Angelou. It is my ode to you!


I had the gift of a mother that was always there, that loved me unconditionally, who showed me what it means to love selflessly and also that taking care of yourself is the best gift you can give to your family, and all those around you!

My Mother’s Day tips for you are simple and powerful:

  1. Celebrate you – Take time to sit and reflect on the incredible woman you are and all that you do. Don’t let today be another holiday that passes you bye without self-acknowledgement of how worthy you are to be celebrated and HAVE YOUR OWN HOLIDAY! DAMN girl – you have your own HOLIDAY! CELEBRATE YOU!!!!
  2. Do something beautiful for yourself – yes it’s so lovely to get gifts from others, but when is the last time you gave yourself a hug, some love, a high-five and a hell-yes, “I AM AWESOME?”
  3. Eat well – eat to nourish your body, not stuff it or to numb out. Eat to love you, not because you dislike you.
  4. Mirror Work – take time today to look at yourself in the mirror and repeat. staring deeply into your own eyes “I love you, I really, really love you!”
  5. Move that fabulous body of yours, take deep wonderful breathes, with your eyes closed and give thanks for being alive, being healthy and for the life you GET to live!

Happy Mother’s Day, my beautiful friend.

My wish for you…

May the light shine upon you

May your heart guide you

May your smile ignite you

May life embrace you

You are the gift.

Don’t forget that!