This makes me sad to tell you…

I looked in the mirror and I did’t like what I saw.

I was grabbing at my thighs with a look of disgust, sucking in my stomach and wishing I could have a body like my friends, thighs that were long and lean, a nice small perky butt. To not have to work at my weight…To be able to wear whatever I wanted without alterations.

I remember years of…

Pants that fit my thighs but the waist gapped.
Dresses that needed to be taken in at the waist and let out at the hips.
Hating to wear shorts because I didn’t want you to see my thighs.

I thought getting my ideal body was the answer and I chased that for 20 years with diets, gym crazes and food restriction.

My life was disciplined and I had my routines to keep my weight where I wanted it.

But what happens when the discipline fades? When you can’t find that motivation or energy to restrict and deprive?

Do you go on struggling and making yourself feel wrong for not being able to stick to the restricted life you once lived?

My ideal body didn’t bring me my ideal life.

I still sabotaged relationships. I didn’t see my value or worth in the workplace. I was the vision of confidence on the outside, but on the inside I was incredibly insecure. I smiled a lot to hide my lack of confidence and authenticity.

I was in many ways happy, but not truly fulfilled or really loving myself. I was ignorantly blissful about it, until, well until the nagging inside me became a yelling that I couldn’t ignore.

As a self-help junkie, it was so overwhelming. I ended up spinning for years; reading books and going at it alone, doing programs here and there, but not really finding anyone that got it.

You see. . . I stayed in isolation, in shame and fear. Honestly, I was embarrassed. I ached for love, confidence and fulfillment and I didn’t know how to feel better, food was my comfort and my pain.

I wanted to be free from dieting, from emotional eating. I so desperately wanted FUN back in my life. I certainly did not want to obsess or feel trapped by my body and my weight anymore.

I needed someone to take a stand for me and believe I could do this and that I wouldn’t fail. I wasn’t strong enough to do it on my own and stick to it.

It was quite a journey, but when I finally broke free from emotionally eating, I vowed to help as many women as possible to NEVER feel or experience what I did.

I’m here to give women the gift of believing in them, holding that space and guiding them to true lasting transformation, to the body and life they know they deserve, so they never spend another day feeling anything less than the amazing woman they are.

If all this sounds way too familiar and you can relate, I’d love to speak with you.

Please don’t waste another precious day of feeling stuck or less than the beautiful woman you are.

I am here. I won’t let you fail.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Radiantly yours,

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