Hi you,

What makes you, you? I was thinking about this the other day. Why do I think the way I do, strive for the things I do? Why are my values as strong as they are? Where does this come from and why does it mean so much?

The answer is simple. My parents. My family. My faith. They are my rock.

In particular my Father . . . . .

He set a precedence of what family is to mean. Being the only girl, he taught me I can grow up to be and do anything.

He was and is always in my corner…I’m his little princess;)

My Dad is my mentor, my best friend, my father and at my core, he is the foundation of who I am and why I am here today, doing what I do.



There are so many life lessons I’ve learned from my Dad, but a few that directly apply are…

My Father has always had a deep sense of faith, acknowledging his blessings with extreme gratitude. He has a humble nature, although he has accomplished great things.

For you, there is a lot to be said for acknowledging your blessings daily, expressing gratitude for all you have and having faith that your desires will be met.

Popsicles (that’s what I call him) is my mentor, my best friend, my Father and the voice in my head reminding me to be the best person I can be.

Even if you didn’t have a good relationship with your parents, there are people that have taught you lessons in your life who are still with you today. Reflect back on your life lessons. Are you staying true to them?

His life lessons stay with me, but one I speak to with you often is faith; to trust and to allow.

I’ve also watched my Dad over the years get guidance from others on business dealings and life, but he always listens to his gut and it never steers him wrong.

As I’ve told you, your inner guide is your personal compass. Tune in and listen.

My Father puts himself and his family first, placing emphasis on what matters most in life which are the people in your life, not material items (in my opinion too;).

When you make yourself a priority and place emphasis on the joys in your life, you bring more joy to others and experience a deeper love for yourself.



The men in my life growing up were my brothers, Brendan and Joe, and my father. Those three handsome men make me proud!



I’ve seen how my parents’ values have shaped our lives and the type of men my brothers are and it’s amazing.

We all have the capability, the gift to shape the lives of our children, friends and family, even strangers by our actions and words.

That is a huge gift!brendan and baby

Oh, and my bro, Brendan recently had my niece Zoe! Um, she’s so cute I can’t handle it! It’s been awesome to watch my brothers become husbands. It’s so cool to see Brendan become a father.

I mean isn’t she the cutest thing ever?

This Father’s day, honor the men in your life and look back on the lessons you learned, good and bad, but most importantly, take the lessons you want to keep and impart on others. Those are gifts and you never know the impact you have when you speak words or share your stories.

Radiantly yours,

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