Are you sick of feeling like you are finally losing weight and something special comes up, like a work event, wedding or social outing and there you are again…right back where you started?

Are you back to the same routines, the s-a-m-e patterns?  Are you back to the very patterns you JUST told your friend proudly you were not doing anymore: having too many cocktails, eating past full, and eating late at night? Did it only take a few days to be right back at it?

Lady Love, this is self-sabotage at it’s finest.

I know because I hear this often from my clients and I’ve been there, like 1000 times myself!  It’s called life and being human.

BUT what you choose to do next is CRUCIAL.

See,  it’s not the falling off that keeps the weight on, it’s how we show up after we’ve fallen, after the pizza, the late night, the too many cocktails, the missed workouts…

What I want for you is to really hear me because the starting over is stopping here, right now, today.

You are starting over, FOR THE LAST TIME;)

Starting over implies that you’re on a diet. I teach you a lifestyle to:

  • Show up and continue to “choose you” each day
  • Be a priority in your life
  • Make yourself proud and to love what you see
  • View your body as the temple it is
  • Be the Queen of your life



From this point forward, commit to you. Declare that regardless of what happens in life, or poor choices, or lack of motivation, you choose you and this lifestyle.

This declaration is connected to your short and long term weight loss goals. For example, your short term goal may be losing weight for an upcoming reunion or wedding. Here’s a list of possible long term goals for you:

  • Being healthy
  • Being happy
  • Loving the way you feel each day and what you see
  • Fitting in everything you put on and looking incredible
  • Being strong in your workouts
  • Exuding confidence
  • Being a good role model
  • Always looking fabulous

Take time right now to declare what you want and commit to keep going regardless of what life brings or what self-doubts come up!

Self-doubt will always rear its ugly head. When it happens “Release and Redirect” those negative self-doubts and focus on the positive.

“It’s when we stay in the muck that we get stuck.”  

In the comments below, write what you declare from today forward! Make it known to the world!