This will help you to release weight and enjoy family even more when you tune in and apply what I’m sharing…

Because together we’re going to dive into inner child work! Yup…good times ahead;) Seriously though, this work is amazing! You’ll love it and most of all the love affair you cultivate with yourself!

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So inner child work…

You may be thinking – What is it? How do you do it? How will it help me? And why it’s so important and truly life-changing?

Name, I fell in love with inner child work when I learned this process in my own training and healing and since then have taught it privately and in my groups – the results are always incredible.  

I saw how transformative it was for me and then hundreds of clients. Seeing how these exercises allowed them and myself to break free from illness, trauma, limiting beliefs, alleviate depression, anxiety, negative thinking, lack of self-love and more.

In this episode I break down 3 simple forms for you to do this work on your own. Healing our inner child, connecting with her and partnering with her in our lives, are one of the most profound aspects of inner work we can do to heal, breakthrough and transcend limiting beliefs, hardships and any unhealed elements in our lives and from our past that are impacting our present.  

Why I am teaching this now is to support you through the holidays.

This work will help you clear blocks around food as well as family triggers, helping us to heal from childhood situations that caused us to feel pain and sadness. If not, we will continue to relive those experiences and respond accordingly even as adults. 

So name, are you ready to dive in, check it out and try it for yourself so you can feel lighter, more empowered and joyous overall?

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What You’ll Learn:

  •     Understanding how childhood woundedness effects adulthood reactions
  •     Identifying repeat patterns and negative thoughts that are triggers
  •     Cultivating a relationship with your inner child through three exercises
  •     Healing from the root of the primary belief

Name, you are worthy and deserving of endless joy, love, happiness, wealth and more! Remind yourself of this and listen to this episode when needed!

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