I was super motivated as I popped up out of bed to put on my gym clothes.

As I got dressed I saw my reflection with disgust. Even my gym clothes were too tight! All I saw were bulges and cellulite, as the negative voices began to take over my mind.

I tried to shut them down and say loving thoughts but they were taking over…

Talk about wanting to call out fat! I literally wanted to jump back into bed with a box of tissues and hide, hoping when I emerge the weight would be gone.

Can you relate to this? For me, this would happen over and over again in my yo-yo dieting. I remember it like it was yesterday.

The feeling of pulling up my pants when they wouldn’t go past my knees made me cringe and think how did I get here again?

It’s like the weight came on overnight, or so it felt. 🙁

The craziest part, as awful as it felt, I wanted to eat. In fact food was the first thing that came to mind.

Do you know what I’m talking about? Do you feel so bad in your body and about yourself that all you want to do is eat instead of take action? It just feels hopeless, doesn’t it? I remember thinking, why would this time be any different?

This awful feeling was the same feeling that would drive me to lose the weight again.

See, I would have to “hit rock bottom” with myself in order to get the motivation to really do something about it.

I would play this game – after I lost the weight, I would feel amazing and then slowly eat my way back (sabotage myself) to a weight that made me feel bad and then the cycle would continue.

I did this for over a decade.

I get asked all the time how I overcame emotional eating and this internal battle. The answer is simple but the truth is, I did this work alone for over 12 years to figure it out and it was hard. As soon as I figured it out, I had to share this. This is why I created the method I teach to my clients. They get to see and experience the successful results in months.

So how did I get my ideal body and keep it? How did I shift my mind?

I had to really look within myself. It certainly wasn’t a diet plan, cleanse or pill… it was me. I had to find out what I was getting from this lose/gain cycle. There was something I was not willing to let go of, something I was fearful of changing. This cycle was all I had known, there was comfort in the discomfort.

So today, this weekend I have a challenge for you. If you relate to pieces or all of my story then, this is perfect for you.

Radiance Challenge:

1. Identify your cycle: What is the point that you begin to sabotage your success? Is it when you start to feel good?
2. Imagine never having to focus on losing wight again, no more researching diets or reading blogs, no more energy or time talking or fixating on it. How much time and energy would you have for life and yourself?
3. Once you get clear on the above, ask yourself if that scares you. Do you question what else you would do with your time? Is fixating on your weight giving you a sense of control in your life when other areas you feel out of control? Is fixating on your weight keeping you from having to action or deal with life?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below:) Did you find this helpful? Have questions? Post is all below and I’ll be sure to answer!