You can’t go backwards. Really trust me on this, when you become aware of patterns and habits that hurt you instead of help you, you shift your state of being.

So it doesn’t matter if you “messed” up one day or “ate poorly” you’re still moving forward.

You’re still progressing, you ARE closer to your goal weight and with each day you’re training yourself, your body, your mind new ways of thinking and being…new ways for responding to life outside of food.

To keep moving forward and to not get caught up in the “shoulds, what if’s”, doubts and fears that come with achieving lasting weight loss, ending emotional eating and making peace with food – you need to do these….

3 Simple yet Super Powerful Steps to Stay Motivated and In Action towards your goals:

  1. Take it one day at a time
  2. Celebrate you each day every day
  3. Document your success daily

Remember, girl, you HAVE to celebrate you. If you’re not, then you are only going to be focused on how far you want to go instead of how far you’ve gone.

I encourage my clients to have a running list, documenting everything they do for themselves, I mean everything and hanging it on the wall.

AND this is not just documenting the BIG wins, every step is a step closer to your ideal weight and you being and feeling like the best version of you.

If you’re child or best friend did something well, you wouldn’t dismiss it, you would celebrate them and be super proud of them to encourage more of the same. You’re no different!

You have to be your biggest cheerleader. Each day envision yourself at your goal, this one day is bringing you one step closer – your only goal is to go to bed proud of your choices, actions and how you showed up for you and in life!

Be the person on the sidelines with a huge sign waving you on as you continue in your journey towards being Done With Dieting ™, losing the weight and thriving in your life!

Loving you is not a part-time gig, neither is being healthy.

Check in with your mindset and see if your current routine is one you like or are you resisting it?

Where we resist, we’ll rebel and we always resist based on fear.

A few very telling questions to ask yourself and I encourage you to seek out a partner in our DWD Facebook group to do this exercise with.

Ask yourself or have your partner ask you:

  1. What is it that you are afraid of when it comes to achieving your weight loss goal and making peace with food?
  2. What is it about losing weight and feeling good that is scaring you?
  3. Are you getting too much attention?
  4. Do you feel pressured to keep the results?
  5. Is the little girl inside you saying it’s not fair that “you have to eat healthy?”

These are important questions to ask yourself and you need to allow time to not only ask but listen, because your body, your little girl, has profound answers and guidance that will help you reach your weight loss goal effortlessly…are you listening? Are you connecting? Are you asking?

I’d love to hear what comes up for you in our Done With Dieting ™ private, closed facebook community – go here to share now and tag me so I can give you support and guidance to keep moving forward!

You deserve your dream body and to feel at peace with food!

Can’t wait to see you there!

Happy Wednesday!


Radiantly Yours,