Oh our trusty friends…wine and food.

Did you notice you come home and your immediate thought goes to food or a glass of red, or both?

Your one glass turns into two, and then before you know it, the chocolate bar is out and you’ve managed to eat the entire dinner you weren’t even that hungry for.

Now you’re heading to bed, late, overly full and starting to feel the onset of regret.

You then wake up, feeling exhausted, sluggish and still upset with yourself. To top it off, you missed another morning workout.

Annoyed with yourself you start your day, vowing to eat healthy and drink as much water as possible to flush everything through your system.

Then somehow, after another long day of everyone needing something from you, you come home and that beautiful glass of red and your favorite go-to treats are calling your name.

You want nothing more than to put your feet up, Netflix and chill with yourself 😉 – enjoying your well deserved meal and time to just “be”…

Can you relate to this scenario?

The thing is, the novelty of the food and wine doesn’t last long. The instant gratification is just that – instant and only lasts as long as you’re drinking the wine or eating your go-to foods.

Once they are done, so is the euphoria.

And the looming feelings that you didn’t want to deal with or even know were at the root of your actions – they are still there.

Below explains why you cannot stick to your diet and why not having wine or your sweet treats at night, carbs for comfort and more, feels impossible to stop doing…

You’ve heard me talk about food as a relationship. That may seem strange but go watch my videos and hear my story and you’ll see how it shows up and why it’s challenging to not turn to food.

Regarding food as a relationship helps you to see why it’s not just about eating this food versus that food, or working out harder.

Putting food in this context, will help you to have more compassion and a greater understanding as to why you have NOT been able to stick to that new diet plan or why you keep gaining the weight back (so frustrating I know 😖)

You do not need another diet AND you do not have anything wrong with you.

Evening is the witching hour where 99% of women struggle with food and alcohol or not having it in excess.

You’re not alone. This is the time of day, when you are not as busy, when there is quiet and time to be with your feelings, alone with yourself and that is not easy for most.

Why do you think you like dieting – it gives you a focus, something to think about so you don’t have to think about or focus on things that you fear, or seem hard or make you sad or uncomfortable in any way.

So the next time you do to reach for wine or food at night, ask yourself these questions…

What am I getting from this right now?

What is it I really want to feel?

What is it I really need?

What can I do instead that will serve me instead of hurt me?

I hope this helps you!

Much Love,


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