Did you know the average person gains 2-3 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s? That’s enough to make your jeans snug and your belly bloated.

Check out my quick and simple top Wholeness Tips below.

This time of year, there are more parties, late dinners, and lists of “To-Do’s”, which make it hard to enjoy the holidays without feeling stressed and weighed down…literally.

Instead of waiting until the New Year, use these tips below to feel in control, BE Whole and stay healthy this holiday season!

  1. Eat clean 80% of the time, which means Monday-Friday aim to keep your diet in check and consistent with whole, clean, unprocessed/unpackaged foods. On the weekends, enjoy, but remember it’s not about gorging it’s about enjoying and knowing you’re in control.


  1. Get your Z’s…for women in particular we need our sleep, it curbs cravings, levels out our hormones, keeps the crazy away (you know what I’m talking about), and balances our appetite, along with our energy.


  1. You can’t do it all, so don’t try to. Where can you delegate or take things off your plate? Are you creating unnecessary stress? For example – get gift bags instead of wrapping everything, order online instead of in the store, start prepping the food now and freeze it, so it’s not on your plate at the last minute, ask for help or hire help.


  1. Make the workouts you can do non-negotiable. When you know you can’t do more, move more throughout your day. Stand at your desk, take calls and pace around, do squats while watching TV, take the stairs, dance around.


  1. Don’t put it off, get your shopping and cards done now. Take 1 weekend and bang it out, or a Saturday and order it all online, and Sunday write your cards. Give yourself this peace of mind and satisfaction.


  1. Sip and Savor your food and cocktails. When we celebrate we get excited and keep eating and/or drinking. Be present, take your time, enjoy and savor holiday foods and cocktails. This way you won’t feel deprived and are in control. It’s when we have too many cocktails, our minds go into binge mode.


  1. Skip the “It’s this time of year” mentality which gives you an excuse to let go of your healthy habits and go overboard. You are only going to regret this! Save yourself from your inner critic.


  1. Plan and prepare as many homemade meals as you can. This way you are in control of what you’re eating and know exactly what you’re putting into your body.


  1. Be selective with your treats. If it’s not amazing, why are you eating it?


  1. Downsize your plates. Use an appetizer plate instead of filling a normal-sized place especially at buffets.


  1. Bring your own dish. I love this and always bring a huge salad, veggies, or dip so I know I’m covered.


  1. Watch your creams. Eggnog, cream sauces, White Russian cocktails, are a few examples of calories killers!


  1. Watch your portions, not your calories. Pay attention to your portion sizes, even with healthy fare. This is more important and will keep you in a positive mindset with your body and food choices.


  1. Don’t skip meals, especially on the day of a dinner party! This will cause you to make poor choices, go too hungry and your mind will be wanting a meal experience so it will not be satisfied.


  1. Be present with your friends and family. Unplug and enjoy this time. Make memories and honor you for all you do!


What’s your favorite tip?

Which tip will you put into action today?

Stay tuned for more Wholeness goodness so that you connect mind, body, soul and spirit for optimal living, to thrive in life in a body you love!

Remember if you don’t feel good, you don’t do good, and you definitely don’t look good. We need to start within in all we do ; )


All My Love,