“I’m not going to overeat tonight”, Sally repeated as she drove home from work. “I’m going to go home, make dinner and stay out of the kitchen”. 

Sally walks in the door so hungry and heads straight to take off her work clothes and make dinner. She can’t wait to just watch TV and unwind. As Sally begins cooking, she’s tasting everything she’s making and last night’s left-overs. By the time she’s done cooking, Sally’s already full, but the thought of not having dinner while watching TV, doesn’t seem as enjoyable.  So she makes a plate anyway and heads for the sofa, her favorite Monday show is about to start!

Plates on her lap and Bravo is on! Before she’s knows it, her dinner is done, but she’s not satisfied. 

So Sally gets up and heads back to the kitchen. Not at all hungry, she realizes, and even tells herself, “You weren’t even hungry for dinner and now you want more? Go to bed, turn off the TV and go to bed!” But as her mind is saying this, she’s rummage through the cabinets, looking for anything carby and sweet, crackers, cookies…”I’m just craving a little something sweet, I’m not satisfied” she thinks.

She finds a bag of chocolate chips…”ok, these will do”, she thinks to herself, and “they can’t be that “Bad” for me, their dark chocolate”.  

She brings the bag back to the sofa and nestles in, watching another show, not even sure what it’s about, but thoroughly enjoying her chocolate chips.  All of a sudden the bag is near gone and it’s 11pm. 

“Omg, what have I done? I did it again! I just said this morning, no more…what is wrong with me? I feel so sick.  I’m so mad at myself, my stomach hurts, I feel sick and I just gained 3 pounds!” 

This is the mind of a dieter. A binger. An overeater, compulsive eater and emotional eater.  However you want to label it. Sally, found her comfort and her own personal struggle in food. A cycle known as yo-yo dieting.   

The prison we create around ourselves from dieting and feeling “less than” is so powerful that it keeps us from seeing the reality of who we truly are and what we really look like.

Do you know the countless conversations I have with women where they say“I look back at pictures of myself and I looked great! I can’t believe I thought I was fat!” 

This belief of not being enough, unworthy, not deserving, leaves a void within us that leads us down a road of overeating, yo-yo dieting, food obsession and emotional eating.

Many nights I felt this void and food was my comfort…even when I got to a point of full awareness of my actions, I still didn’t have the tools to combat my thoughts or behaviors.

So how did I get over binges and being an emotional eater? How did I create my ideal body and sustain it? How did I stop dieting?

I’m offering you a chance today to learn how to Banish Your Binges and end the struggle with food, your weight and dieting, on a 30 minute, 1 on 1 private call with me. Schedule your call now  

During this call together we are going to create your Banish Binges Blueprint:

  1. Identify the root cause – this is the #1 place you need to start
  2. Tools to shift your mindset from an all or nothing mentality
  3. How to stop the binge before it starts
  4. Discover action steps to begin to heal your relationship with yourself (this is necessary)

This is what I teach my clients, so they can lose weight effortlessly and thrive in life, in a body they love.  It’s time to make peace with food, to love your body and be done with dieting. 

Binges are an act of self-rejection and personal disdain.  

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This is my life’s work and mission; to free women, YOU, from feeling powerless around food, from feeling less than in your body. This mindset, and the limiting beliefs that have you tied to dieting and depriving yourself, and living a life of restriction, stems from a  lack of true love for yourself. 

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Radiantly Yours,