Have you had this happen?

You are feeling great, the weight is coming off, you look in the mirror and notice a slimmer you, you feel great, clothes are getting looser, you’re happier and feeling more confident…

BUT wait for it…

You did it again! You sabotage yourself.

It’s like a signal went off in your brain that things were going too well and you were feeling too good that you had to ruin it.

Does the one small bag of chips, a couple cookies, and some chocolate lead you to overindulge until you’re right back to where you started (or even worse)?

Next, does the mental berating begin? Do you feel like you failed….again? Are you frustrated and comparing yourself to every woman you see? Then, its no longer just about your weight. It’s about your life, isn’t it? Maybe you aren’t where you want to be in your career, your relationship, or your finances?

This of course starts your journey down a rabbit hole that quite frankly feels awful.

How can I recount that as if I’m in your head? I’ve been there.

I was recently struggling and self-sabotage showed up big time. My inner vixen (she’s naughty as hell) showed up and brought back old beliefs to challenge me.

Why was she here? She came to visit because I’m playing a bigger game and I want more. My dreams are larger. My desires are great. My level of happiness is expansive.

Still, there’s a piece of me that says “you’re not enough, you can’t have all that, you don’t deserve all of that, you’re not worthy enough” (yes, she’s nasty). She showed up and yes, it knocked me down for a minute BUT not for long.

I have the foundation to know those are not truths.

I am growing rapidly so fear showed up as limiting beliefs.

Self-sabotage is the #1 reason why you don’t have the body you want.

It shows up in every area of our lives. You know my belief “how we eat is a direct reflection of how we live our lives”?

If you sabotage in one area, you do it in others. It comes down to your beliefs.

If you’re struggling with Self-Sabotage, I can help you. Go here for a Body Breakthrough session. This is a complimentary 20 minute private coaching session with me. I will create a plan to help you steer clear of self-sabotage so you can get the weight off and keep it there.