It’s Friddaaayyy!

I have 1 thing in common with my gal pal over here, Cameron Diaz, we both wake up dancing and loving up our bodies!

Yes, this is pretty close, to EXACTLY what I do each morning with me, my body and my full length mirror (Cu Beyonce in the background)! 

I love my body and always will.  If you don’t do this, seriously try it out, you will feel amazing and have a smile all day long.

What Cameron and I do NOT have in common, are her long legs…that girl has legs that go for miles.  I’m 5’4” with muscular legs (I now love them and my height but did not growing up). To give you a clear picture, essentially not many people can get in my car on the drivers side without moving the seat back… 

So toning and shaping my legs and booty are one of my favorite things to do. 

In today’s workout, you’re going to get my top moves to tone, trim and firm up those thighs and lift that booty, with one of the routines from my FitnFive (TM) Series!

The best part is you can stack this workout and do 1-5x rounds or do 5 sets throughout today for a continuous calorie burn. That’s up to you and your fitness level!

This workout is body weight only, however, feel free to add weights for additional sculpting. This depends on your fitness level.

(*If you have questions about an exercise, simply google the name of it for a tutorial on what to do if you’re unsure) 

Trim Thighs & Tight Booty:

Warm Up: 2 minutes of Jogging in place, dancing, jumping jacks or high knees – the point is to get your heart rate up and feel your body.

Workout: Do 1-5 Rounds (depending on fitness level) 1 minute of each exercise

Skater Lunges  – 1 minute, move quickly from side to side and stay low, keeping your form.

Squat with Side Kick – Step to the one side, squat low (keep form), stand up and kick to the side, then repeat on other side.

Curtsey Lunge with an Abdominal Twist – 1 minute alternating sides, go slow and go low.

Reverse Lunge with Front Kick – 1 minute alternating legs, go slow and go low.

Hip Thrusts off your Sofa – 1 minute, arms behind your head, upper back, neck and head on the sofa, back and butt off the sofa, simply lower all the way to the ground, then powerfully lift your butt back up and hold it at the top, then lower for 1 minute. 

Your legs should be burning! Rest 30 seconds to 1 minute and repeat. 

To amp up this workout, add in your warm up exercises in-between for an added calorie burn!

Did you enjoy this workout and email? If so let me know in the comments below! That way I know if what I’m giving you is useful and I’ll continue

Have a kick-ass weekend!

Lots of Love,