Get Your Weekend Workout!

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Today I met with one of my Body Bliss clients, that’s one of my higher tier group programs, meaning you have to graduate from Weight Loss For Life to get into it. At one of

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Fitness Friday: Ready to Quit?

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Fitness is not a part-time gig. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a choice. It comes down to your willingness and desire to change what is not working for you with your current body and lifestyle. If

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{VIDEO WORKOUT} Workit Girl!!!

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Happy Friday! This is an oldie but goody! This is a full body, awesome outdoor workout that I love! And girrrllll, best part, it will tone, tighten and trim your body. Why I love it

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Fitness Friday: Feel The Burn!

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It’s Friddaaayyy! I have 1 thing in common with my gal pal over here, Cameron Diaz, we both wake up dancing and loving up our bodies! Yes, this is pretty close, to EXACTLY what I

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