Happy Friday!

This is an oldie but goody!

This is a full body, awesome outdoor workout that I love! And girrrllll, best part, it will tone, tighten and trim your body.

Why I love it so much…

✓It’s quick



✓No equipment needed

✓Do it anywhere, anytime

I am not a runner, I’ll be the first person to say, it bores me. After 3 miles, I’m done and even then, I need to mix up my route.

However, take me outdoors and give me a fun routine where I’m changing things up constantly, then I’m in. So, I created this HITT workout to spice things up for myself and my body!

The more we challenge our bodies, we challenge our minds…(I am all about getting the most out of my time and strengthening my brain).

Have a great weekend and let me know if you tried this workout and what you thought!


Radiantly Yours,