Hi Heather,

You want to look fit and toned and feel energized right?

Then you need to move your body. It’s not getting toned while sitting on your sofa, hitting snooze or at sitting at your desk.

But when you go to workout do you hear these excuses:

I have no time…

I can’t afford a gym…

I need more sleep…

I’m too fat to go to the gym…

I’m so out of shape, I don’t know where to start…

These are your stories and your excuses.

As I always say…


I’ve created a simple, at home workout, that requires no equipment:


1 Minute – Weighted squat to bicep curl and overhead press

(use a gallon of milk or carton of Juice or big book)

1 Minute – Weighted front raise with back kick

1 Minute – Plank

1 Minute – Plank dropping waist side to side

1 Minute – Push ups

1 Minute – Rotate Punch side to side with weight

1 Minute – Bent over row

1 Minute Reverse Lunge with weight and knee up

Complete this workout.

Fit Finishers: Add these on to any of your workouts or do on their own

PLEASE NOTE: Any questions on form or needing to see visuals, please simply google the name of the exercise I’ve provided.

Print out this workout and try it at home!

I’d love to hear how it goes! Email me directly at hello@Melissakathryn.com and let me now if you liked this workout and want more!

Have an amazing weekend and get your workouts in! Make yourself a priority!

You deserve it!

Radiantly Yours,


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