Today I met with one of my Body Bliss clients, that’s one of my higher tier group programs, meaning you have to graduate from Weight Loss For Life to get into it.

At one of our retreats, I introduced the women to Buti Yoga. This is a cross between yoga, tribal dance and sensual movement. It’s super fun, different and you really get out of your head and into your body…all things I love and teach!

FYI – I highly recommend trying a class online or looking for it in your area.

By the end of Weight Loss For Life, my client, we’ll call her Sarah, she’d lost 65 pounds, found her voice, healed relationships with herself and food and was fully done with dieting and lovin on her body…Yay!

When Sarah began Body Bliss, she continued the journey of falling deeply in love with herself and releasing the “I’m not enough” mantra that had been on repeat most of her life, while fully stepping into her power and creating a life that excites her.

We got on our call today and she said to me, the two most fundamental things that have transformed her are the programs she’s done with me paired with finding Buti Yoga.

The programs retrained her mindset AND it was combining that with falling back in love with moving her body and finding fitness that she loved, that made a huge difference in her continued success and weight loss maintenance.

The point is, Sarah adopted a lifestyle. She shifted from being sedentary to being committed to her body and her movement practice, to loving herself.

See, Heather, it’s not enough to just workout here and there. That doesn’t get you the lasting results, the endless energy, the optimal health…

It’s the commitment to you, the consistency, and most of all finding something you love!

My clients have continued, sustainable success because we create a lifestyle of change and I work with them to make it on their terms.

They are not dieting, they are not depriving, they are not on strict schedules, counting calories with fitness trackers. They are doing it on their terms with my guidance, they are choosing it.

But they listen, they choose themselves and they make aligned choices daily that give them their desired results. They didn’t start off that way, but it’s the retraining of the mindset that makes a huge difference, pair this with body movement and we have a winning combo!

Today, please, take time to find fitness you love! Try a new class, look for a Buti Yoga class or dance, do something outside of your comfort zone, but most of all do something that excites you!

Be lit up by your life and by the body you have!

If you died tomorrow, you aren’t going to say you wish you dieted more or ate and watched TV more…you’d say, you wish you lived more, loved more and saw your own magnificence and celebrated you more.

That is my desire for you, to live life and love your life in the body you have. From that place, that acceptance and love, your body will love you back and that’s when real, easy change can happen!<3



Radiantly Yours,


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