I’m in NYC this week, 2 weeks out from my 2nd surgery for thyroid cancer in 2 months  AND I was not able to workout for 4 months.

So…how did I keep my body, my sanity and stay positive?

I turned lemons into gold, not just lemonade.

I chose to see the lessons and blessings in everything.

I chose me.

I chose me over food.

I chose me over excuses.

I chose me over giving into fear around cancer.

Here are my top tips to take care of you, get the body you want and deserve AND be your #1 priority, regardless of what is going on in your life. EVEN while traveling!

No excuses girl…it’s time!

  1. No matter where I am I have food on me and scout out stores to buy what I like and need, regardless of who I’m staying with and the food they’ve made.
  2. I tell my family and friends how I eat and don’t feel bad about turning down their offers to eat what they’ve made or in excess just because they are.
  3. Fitness is a priority. Moving my body and having a fitness practice for me is just as important as my meditation time/morning routine. I go online and look for classes near where I’m staying and schedule them like meetings, same as I do at home.
  4. No excuses. I don’t use travel as an excuse to let go of doing the things that make me feel my best. When healthy living is your lifestyle, you take it with you always!
  5. Stay hydrated. I have my Hydro Flask 1.5 liter bottle on me always. I not only save money but keep my body hydrated and cravings in check.
  6. Walk everywhere. Whether you’re traveling or in your home town, walk as much as you can as often as you can. I take walking meetings, meet friends for walks instead of drinks and plan out my meetings and give ample time to walk there as my mode of transportation.
  7. Take 3 things that keep you grounded with you wherever you go. Mine are, meditation, fitness and journaling.
  8. Pick foods that fuel you. Instead of being in “I’m on vacation, I’m never going to get this food again…” mindset, (let’s be honest, you will be able to get that food again) I eat what will fuel me for the day ahead. I know french toast is not going to make me feel light and energized, so I choose clean-eating always.

Below are pics from my trip!


Hope these tips helped you! I’d love to hear from you, what are your top travel tips for staying fit and healthy on-the-go?

Radiantly Yours,