Summer’s coming and Spring’s here! It’s time to ditch your excuses and lift that booty, while toning your thighs and tummy with this super simple, do anywhere, no equipment needed workout!

Lift Your Booty, Tone Your Thighs and Tighten Your Tummy with my Lung & Squat Workout below:

MK Lift Your Booty Lunge & Squat Workout:

*Do 1-3 Full Circuits

* Please Note: 30x means 30 Repetitions

Lunge – 30x 15 each leg

Reverse lung with front kick – 15x each leg

Prisoner squat deep (go as low as you can) – 30x

Sumo squat (deep as you can) then raise up on toes – 30x

Calf Raises/feet pointed straight/ feet at 45%/ Hold at top for 30 Second after 30 reps

Step up with knee up (10x each leg), then alternate step up with side kicks (10x each leg), then alternate step up with Back Kick (10x each leg)- alternate 3 sets of 10 on each side

Single Leg Dead Lifts with 2, 10-15 lb. weights – 10x each leg/ 3 sets (use weights or hold a gallon of water or heavy books)

Enjoy ladies!

Did you enjoy this workout? Let me know in the comments below!

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Remember, the only excuses that exist are the ones that we allow! Get up and move your body!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Radiantly Yours,


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