I love me some lower body, booty pumping workouts! So I have a great thigh burner and booty lifter coming for you!

Grab this quick routine below that you can do anywhere, anytime, no equipment needed for a lower body toner!

MK FITnFIVE: Slim Thighs

 Walking Lunges – 10 Each Leg

Curtsey Lunge (Think of doing a curtsey in front of a Queen) – 10 Each Leg

Reverse Lunge with Front Kick – Same Leg/10x then repeat other side

Sumo Squat (2nd Position in Ballet) with Calf Raise – 10 Total

Prisoner Squat (arms behind your head) – 10 Total


*Do as many times as you want or one circuit!

*Remember – NO EXCUSES! This entire routine takes ONLY 5 minutes! 


Watch this video to hear my beach HIIT Routine to blast fat and burn calories in 15-30 minutes!

Fitness is a “Get To” not a “Have To” so make it fun and be in gratitude!


Radiantly Yours,

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