Do you believe that you are the only thing getting in the way of you losing weight and having the body you want?

I personally knew 100% that I was the ONLY thing standing in the way of my weight loss success.


I didn’t know how to change it. I knew everything…I was even a health coach, had been a fitness trainer and competitor…so how the hell was I struggling, why was I always battling with those same 10 pounds.

We all know what to do, I say this over and over again. You can google any diet, workout, recipes…you name it.

What is getting in the way is your mindset, the very thing I will be teaching you in today’s Fitness Friday Q&A!

Our Fitness Friday Question comes from Lyn. She wrote…

“Hi Melissa,

For me it’s mindset.  I know the 98% of my issue is my mind. I’ve gone soft. I no longer have the drive.  

I can’t seem to change it!!!

– Lyn”

Well, Lyn, I have a few tools to help set you up for success so you can get your drive back to lose that weight and keep it off!

Watch below!

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