Halloween Hangover? Sugar Detox Inside!

Happy Halloween! Normally I would send this email the day after, but girllll, set yourself up for success now and put that candy away! 😉 Have too many mini Snickers, Reece’s cups and handfuls of

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What Are You Really Craving? Hint…It’s Not Food!

Think of the calories you would save yourself, the excess weight that wouldn’t be there, the endless anxiety and self-berating that wouldn’t exist if you simply ate when you were hungry and stopped when you

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Healthy Halloween Do’s and Dont’s

Hi you, The holidays are coming quick and first up is Halloween! Being Done With Dieting, is not about giving up fun or food. It’s about taking the “crazy” out of how you feel around

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How to accept not reject yourself and your body

I’m just coming off a high from running my Body Bliss retreat this past weekend. These women blew me away and rocked it!  I’ve had the pleasure of being their coach for 2 years now

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How to stop sabotaging your success…

Do you have a dark side? I used to not know what this was at all. Then I didn’t like admitting that I had a dark side, because in the self-help world, I thought that

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Fitness Friday: Weight Train to Transform Your Body

I was weight training today and loved how many women I saw taking over the weights area! It was awesommmeeee! This used to be a male centric area, where I would see women intimated and

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Weight Loss Wednesday: When self-love isn’t enough…

Did you feel crazy Mercury Retrograde and the heavy energy these past few weeks? It was nutz! I thought August was a rough month…everyone I talked to was struggling in some capacity and the overall

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Get Your Weekend Workout!

Today I met with one of my Body Bliss clients, that’s one of my higher tier group programs, meaning you have to graduate from Weight Loss For Life to get into it. At one of

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Weight Loss Wednesday: Fast, Cheap and Easy Food Prep!

One of the number one reasons women don’t follow through on their weight loss and health goals is because they get caught up in life and end up not having healthy foods on hand, leaving

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