So, this may sound crazy, but hear me out and answer the questions below.

Do you look more forward to sitting on your sofa, Netflixing and eating, than you do being out socializing?

Do you overeat in private?

Do you find yourself thinking about food when you’re not hungry and eating more than you need until you’re uncomfortably full?

Do your weekends involve trips to the store and excitement about foods you’re planning to buy and eat on a Saturday night?

Do all of your activities revolve around food?

Is food where you get your pleasure and fun from?

Is food/eating your only escape from your daily routine and responsibilities?

Is food your only outlet to let go and enjoy?

If you answered yes to the above, you’re not alone. I have coached thousands who’ve had these exact same experiences. I myself was in a full-blown relationship with food and often refer to having to get a divorce. You think I’m joking but I’m not…

Whatever occurred for you in your life, whether it was trauma in the form of your parents getting divorced, a death in the family, being neglected as a child, just not feeling good enough or being sexually, emotionally or physically abused, somewhere, at some point, you turned to food to help you soothe the pain, the feelings that were too overwhelming for you to express or understand.

So food became your safety blanket, your security and as a result, you gained weight and no matter how much you diet, you will always come back to food and sabotage your results, because, just like a child, giving up that safety blanket, is petrifying.

Now, as an adult, I know you consciously want to be done with food, you want to be done with dieting, and want nothing more than to lose those extra pounds and feel incredible naked and wear anything you want.

But the little girl in you, the little girl that never felt heard, ok to be seen, safe or enough…she needs you AND the safety blanket, i.e. food to feel safe, comforted and not alone.

So after years of hiding behind diets, the weight and the struggle of weight loss, the idea of giving up food is more scary than keeping the weight on and being unhappy.

This is really why you haven’t been able to keep the weight off and why no matter what you’ve done, you keep turning back to food.

Does this make sense?

You’re in a relationship. Food has been there for you, when you’re sad, mad, happy, lonely, bored…it’s never let you down.

It’s no wonder you subconsciously sabotage your weight loss…

The first step is awareness. I want you to be aware of this, go into the rest of this week and weekend, aware of what I’ve described here. Notice how dependent you are on food to fill you up, to fill the voids, to give you a release and to make you happy.

Now that you know this, do you want to know how to change it?

Do you want to learn how to shift out of being in a relationship with food and instead be in one with you, one with your partner and be more present to the people in your life?

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This isn’t about taking food away, it’s about taking the emotional attachment out of food, so you can enjoy it guilt free!

See you there!



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