I was doing so good on my diet until…

Finish this sentence. How many times has life thrown you a curve ball, and your diet and taking care of you is the first thing to go out the window.

I see and hear of this often and have experienced this many times in my own life.

In this Weight Loss Wednesday video, hear my top steps for how to quickly and easily get back on track, without judgment, blame or feeling as if you “messed it all up”, it’s about not giving up or giving in to your negative self-talk. Stay in action with this guidance!

One thing I know for sure is this: recently many women in my community have experienced hard times in life, from family health issues, to losing loved ones, to reawaken to who they truly are, all scenarios leading to feeling fear in the unknown that lies ahead and easily falling prey to feeling like life is working against you, instead of for you.

If you’ve experienced hard times, hardship, health issues, loss of loved ones or are simply going through a tough life challenge (we all have them), what I’ve seen is that love is the power of sisterhood and community. The women in my group coaching programs and private clients are sisters and support one another with such unconditional love and kindness, and in turn have learned to do this for themselves. These women, my fellow sisters, I am forever grateful for and learn from daily. Through these challenges, I hear them say how grateful they are for the community we created that they’re in.

That being said, if you desire this support, love and sisterhood, I created a complimentary Facebook group, called Done With Dieting. It’s a group created for you, by women like you, in support of being free from dieting and shining bright in life, losing the weight and being seen for who they really are.

If you haven’t already, join us here now! Don’t go through life alone, it’s time to get out of isolation to allow your freedom from dieting and from trying to be perfect.

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I love hearing from you!

In loving Guidance, Support and Gratitude,