One of the number one reasons women don’t follow through on their weight loss and health goals is because they get caught up in life and end up not having healthy foods on hand, leaving them overstressed, overweight and overwhelmed. None of this feels good and I get it.

I’m about simplifying everything!

Which is why a few weeks ago I sent you my Sunday Food Prep 3 part video series and grocery shopping guides. If you didn’t get them, go here now.

Well, now I want to give you even more tips to help you become a meal prep master! You don’t need to be Martha Stewart and you don’t need to spend a ton of money or a ton of time.

This week I was on the Morning Show for channel 8 showing you exactly what to buy for a weeks worth of meals on a budget and how to prep your meals fast and easy. Check it out below.


And I did a pre-segment for them here with simple recipes.


Also, girl, hang out with me daily on Instagram where I take you with me on Insta-stories, to my home, out to eat, when I’m prepping and more! Go here to follow me.

This is about making reaching our ideal weight and being healthy and fit a lifestyle not a part-time gig.

Which is why I want to share all these resources with you.

I want you to start off September with a bang! Meal prep is your best friend to make your goals become your reality!

Here in love and support! Let’s do this!


Radiantly Yours