Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m back home with my family and LOVING it!

But it’s also been a non-stop eating frenzy around me, since I arrived and Thanksgiving is today…lol.

If your day is anything like mine, food is everywhere, from the moment you wake up, and people are constantly noshing on something in front of you. In my family, by the time we’re supposed to sit down for Thanksgiving dinner, we’re already full…(pls tell me I’m not alone here?)

And when that ends the desserts come out!

Needless to say, I had to master many skills to not only stay connected to my body, my hunger cues and handle cravings, but I also learned how to deal with the food pushers…uhum…I’m half Italian, even after a 7 course meal my mom will offer you food! Lol.

So, I cooked up a few more quick tips, to get you in your body, and out of your head, so you experience what this holiday is all about, while enjoying delicious food without the guilt or overeating.

8 Super Simple Tips to Have a Fabulous Thanksgiving!

(Don’t Miss #5 – It’s important)

Step 1.) Grab your spanx (yes I’m serious) or wear something fitted, (But make sure, you feel good in what you’re wearing) this way you’re connected to your body and aware of when you’re full.

Step 2.) Enjoy Thanksgiving without gaining an ounce, and go to bed feeling comfortable, satisfied and guilt-free with the simple tips and strategies in this audio. Click here

Step 3.) Move your body, please:) It’s not too late, get outside, go for a walk and catch up with friends or family. The point is to make today about the company and living life, not about the food. That truly is what this day is all about, honoring your life and everyone in it! Start with yourself. The very person that needs to be your best friend.

Step 4.) Have Fun! There’s no point to any of this, if you aren’t having fun and enjoying yourself! Be present to your friends and family, engaged in conversation, move your body, taste good food, be empowered by knowing you’re in control of your thoughts, how much you eat, how much you move and in control over how you feel throughout today.

Heather, you are the creator of your experience. Make today what you want it to be!

Step 5.) Be Grateful. When we want to lose weight, we are so self-absorbed. (Don’t hate me, but it’s true) We aren’t really present or hearing conversations because we are worried about whether we look fat, consumed with thoughts of food, calorie counting, gaining weight…all of these thoughts are the very things that keep up from true joy. Today, please put all of that aside. If you do 1 of these tips, make it this one, please.

Step 6.) Give back with Love. Reach out to loved ones and express gratitude for them, let them know how their presence has impacted your life and then take time to do this exercise with yourself. This will tell you how truly connected you are to you. Are you showing yourself the love you deserve?

Step 7.) Let go of all that does not serve you – including unhealthy habits, people, beliefs and activities.

Step 8.) Laugh – A LOT! Hug – A LOT! The More we give, the more we receive, the more we allow ourselves to receive, the more we have to give…see a pattern here?;)

Do all of this and you will feel beautiful inside and out!

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, all these tips will benefit you greatly!

I’m extremely grateful for you, thank you for being here and for your vulnerability and support! I love having you as a part of this powerful community of amazing women!

Sending you a giant hug!