I know you have the tips and strategies to get through this holiday season without gaining a pound (since I’ve been sharing so many 😉 ).

Do you ever sit across from Christmas cookies (insert your favorite holiday treat) and you just can’t stop thinking about them?

I bet you want someone to tell you exactly what to eat and what not to eat, to give you food restrictions, and control your choices, right?

This mindset is exactly what got you here.

People feel constantly tempted by food and can’t control themselves during the holidays because all these “bad” food list items are piled into one holiday season.

This is no different than the analogy of taking a child to a candy store. If candy is usually off limits, the child will want to eat everything in sight.

You are no different.

If you are overwhelmed with food everywhere, then take time to not make anything off limits.

Put yourself back in the driver’s seat. Set a clear intention of what you want your experience with food to be this holiday season. Make yourself right, instead of proving yourself wrong.

I know it’s scary to not have boundaries with food because you fear you’ll go overboard, but here’s the kicker – you already went overboard when you restricted, in the past. How about trying it this way this year?

My wish for you this holiday season is to…

▪ Set a clear intention about what you want to experience this holiday; how you want to feel around food and your loved ones.

▪ Visualize going to bed, feeling comfortably full and proud of your choices.

▪ Celebrate where you are currently, where you’re going in the New Year and the lessons you’ve been blessed to learn along the way.

Please share your clear intention for the holidays, below. I’d love to read them and support you.

Wishing you and yours a

Joyous, Healthy and Love-Filled Holiday

with all things Merry and Bright!