I’m going to be completely honest, even though I am the face of my business, I’ve noticed, OK, I’ve been told 😉 that I need to share more with you about me and the way I live my life. Reason being, my days are filled with healthy eating, cooking, fitness, so many pleasure-filled activities, self-care practices and mindset rituals. This life I’ve created is beautiful, but I don’t always notice that I do these things because they are such a part of who I am and how I live…but it wasn’t always that way.

So I’m committed to showing you more of me in 2018 and it starts with my holiday gift guide.

Lol, this is not a big window into my soul, but I LOVE to buy presents and shop so I wanted to share some of my faves and rare finds with you, to help make your holiday gift buying a bit more fun!

From this point forward, I will share more of me because what I know is that I have really awesome tips for living a healthy, fit and fabulous life while fitting that lifestyle into a crazy schedule and getting out of my own way (yup this was the hardest thing to do but I’ll show you that too) so I’m starting with my gift guide.

Go here to check it out now:

MK’s 2017 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide


Happy shopping!

Oh and if you buy one of these goodies for yourself, let me know how you like it!

Enjoy and Happy Almost Holidays!


Radiantly Yours,