QuoteMaya Angelou is one of my favorite poets and this quote screams to me for what I teach and also for you.

In order to lose weight, and keep it off, to feel amazing in your skin, you have to like yourself.

Liking yourself is not depriving yourself, it’s not choosing things from a lack mentality, it’s not forcing yourself to exercise or eat a certain way or talk to yourself in a way that if others actually hear, you would be mortified. Liking you, loving you is being at peace, trusting and surrendering.

Notice where you stop yourself from reaching your goals. Where you talk yourself into eating more, or eating less (restricting), missing workouts, and going against what feels good for you.

That’s when you’re coming from lack, not from love. That’s when there’s a disconnect and that’s the piece I work with my clients and groups to dramatically shift, within you.

The weight is not what is keeping you unhappy, you are.

(A dose of tough love here)

The weight is simply a bystander, a psychological response to the lack that lives in your body. The lack that lives in your mind, where you are saying…”I’m not enough”.

Shift this, and the weight comes off with ease.

Until you do, you will struggle.

Ask yourself, why are you fixated on food? Why are you calorie counting, why is your day filled more with thoughts about losing weight than thoughts about joy, love, fun, happiness, abundance, gratitude and pleasure?

Do you wake up thinking about losing weight? If so, then ask yourself…

Why are you holding onto hurt, instead of allowing love?

If you’re sitting there, reading this and thinking, “I don’t know. I know I am doing this, but I truly don’t know how to stop, how to change”, then this my love, is why you need and deserve this gift. 

In order to lose weight, understand that energy is playing a key role here, meaning, if you are eating foods that cause you to feel guilt and shame, you are then ingesting those emotions, meaning, you’re harboring more weight. You are sending a signal to your mind to harbor fat, especially in your abdomen.

Clearing your energy and making the connection between foods that serve you and foods that hurt you, are key, and you do this with me here!

Get my Complimentary Love More, Weigh Less Session.

In this sessions, you will receive:

  •  Energy Clearing to get unblocked
  • Reconnection to you recommitted to your goals
  • Fast Action plan to shift your mind and weight
  • Tips to help you lose, what you’re not doing

I can help you. Mindset is key, without it, you live life on a diet filled with restriction. Shift this, reconnect with you, and weight will be released with ease.

You are meant to love what you see and how you feel.

I can’t do that for you, but I can guide you and give you the steps and hold you accountable to get there with ease and flow, lady love!

This can only happen in the Love More, Weigh Less Session. Grab your spot here (limited spots available) and come ready to take action, with a journal and pen. The Energy Clearing is step one.

>>>>>>>>Love More, Weigh Less Session

It’s your time, don’t waste feeling less than. You deserve more.