Did you feel crazy Mercury Retrograde and the heavy energy these past few weeks?

It was nutz! I thought August was a rough month…everyone I talked to was struggling in some capacity and the overall feeling many friends, clients and colleagues had were feelings of uneasiness and not feeling good enough in several areas of their lives.

As we step into September, I want to remind you that this is a new beginning, this is your New Year!

A time of recalibration, reflection, refining and rebirthing a new you. So if you’re feeling a stirring within your soul and life, there’s a reason. Have fun, tune in and listen, because wonderful changes are upon you.

What is it you want to shift and enhance about yourself or your life? Now is the time to get clear and start asking for it!

I use the word enhance because I want you to really hear this, I am not teaching the art of self-improvement. I am 1000% teaching the art of self-acceptance.

This is not to say, accept yourself and never want to better yourself.

I say accept yourself and then enhance or refine aspects of yourself to shine even brighter than you already do.

Does this make sense?

It’s about making ALL of you right.

When we are constantly coming from a place of self-improvement, we never see an end-game and it’s exhausting.

It’s just another life-long pursuit of not being enough, because self-improvement is a life-time pursuit, sending the message that you’re broken, and girl, you are the furthest thing from broken!

As Robert Holden beautifully said, “A lifetime of self-improvement will never make up for lack of self-acceptance”.

So why is it so hard to love ourselves? To see the good, to choose happiness and accept all of who we are? Life would be amazing…

  1. Truth, we aren’t raised this way.
  2. It would be too easy and for some reason, women, myself included (I work on this daily), love to struggle…we LOVE to have things feel hard…if its easy we question it.

I also believe it’s because we’re not taught to be happy, and at an early age are often given many specifications for how one should act, talk, feel, think, dress and more.

Our society and women in particular, commiserate over sadness, negativity, gossiping, tearing each other down, instead of building one another up, being happy, celebrating our blessings…

I have the women in my communities celebrate themselves and this is one of the hardest things for them to do at first, but once we get going it’s awesome.

My challenge for you this week, is to wake up each day, look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself this mantra:

“Heather I am so happy and grateful to be me, I’m more than enough and accept me, exactly as I am, I truly love me, exactly as I am.

Life is easy, fun and I am free to be me, exactly as I am. I’m loved exactly as I am.”

Let’s let go of self-improvement and easily step into self-acceptance. You don’t need to be fixed.

Instead, allow yourself to let go of control, do less and surrender more to life and it’s flow. This is not just with food or fitness but in all areas of your life.

It’s in the surrender that we find peace and get what it is we wanted all along or even better.

I love to hear what’s happening with you! Did this resonate with you? If so, comment below 🙂

Shine bright, live life, be you and be seen! The world is waiting for you!


Radiantly Yours,