My business coach, Shanda walked on stage today, 8 months after having her baby, rocking a skin tight, sequined green dress.

Shanda“I know you’re all judging me right now, (I love how real she is) you’re judging my dress and you know what, I’m wearing it because I can…”

She said this with pure confidence, an unwavering conviction in who she is, what she stands for and her beliefs.

What I saw today and know to be true is what the audience thinks, doesn’t phase her because she feels good in her body.

There is so much power in that.

Shanda struggled with gaining and losing 15 pounds for years and it literally weighed on her self worth, impacting every area of her life.

This was the difference between her feeling “AMAZING” and feeling “less than”.

Her weight impacted her world, her business. Today Shanda said “I created a lifestyle as part of my business where I train and move my body each day because I was so sick of not being able to wear whatever I wanted, not being able to put on whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted to”.


So she woke up and drew a line in the sand to commit to herself and to no longer torture herself with the yo-yo dieting. She chose a fit and healthy lifestyle.

It was a choice. It is a daily choice. I did the same for me.

It needs to be a choice for you and one that you choose daily, even when you don’t feel like it, or you have doubts or feel tired.

Nothing will feel better than you looking great and feeling proud of yourself; knowing you have the power and strength within you to accomplish this for yourself!

Pushing through the resistance and strengthening your connection to you at your core is powerful. The little girl that has gotten lost in the shuffle of life – she needs to be heard.

There is a powerhouse within you.

A sexy, vivacious, beautiful woman is bursting to come out of hiding, out of playing small and struggling. A woman in a tight dress that hugs every curve, who feels strong, sexy and energized ready to live life.

This vision is you and becomes your reality when you release your self-doubts and own your greatness.

This doesn’t happen overnight but it starts with you, your health, and your weight. When you break free from the “fat” (i.e your limiting beliefs and lack of self-love), you go from not living to thriving and you emerge as the fabulous goddess you are!

MK Challenge:MKWorkout

It’s time for you to play big and commit. Please complete this challenge below to break free from yourself.

1. Where are you playing small in life right now and letting your weight hold you back?

2. What is 1 action step you can take today and choose daily (just 1) to push through this fear and your own resistance?

3. When you identify this, please begin to action this 1 step for the next 30 days. Do this for 30 days to strengthen that muscle within you and notice how your mind will shift.

Now it’s your turn…

Let me know how this exercise was for you in the comments below.

Please post your 1 action step and share it with me – I’d love to help support you!