How many times have you lost weight for a specific event, i.e.. a wedding, a reunion, summer, a vacation…?

How many times have you decided to go on a diet because you had to reach a certain weight by a certain date?

ONLY to gain the weight back within a few short weeks to months, never getting to enjoy the weight loss before the pounds came back on and then some…(AGH..I’ve been there too, so not fun!)

You know I’m NOT about diets.   I’m about lasting weight loss. Do it once and do it right is my motto!

I have the honor of coaching women in my Weight Loss for Life programs and private programs around not sabotaging yourself and what to do when you reach your goal weight.

In my groups, women are losing the weight and they are wanting to sabotage themselves and go back to their “old ways” of doing things and reached out to me for guidance.

(This is the beauty of having a coach and community…it’s to see you through the self-sabotage and the crazy moments so your hard work doesn’t go to waste! )

What I kept hearing and why I’m writing you today is because, I know you’re wanting to get the weight off and keep it there. You’re done with yo-yo dieting BUT you keep getting in your own way.

So I want to help you…

Weight loss doesn’t last if you…

  • Are eating foods you don’t enjoy
  • Hate your workouts or know you don’t want to do them after you reach your goal
  • If you have eliminated most foods
  • Haven’t gotten to the root of why and when you started dieting
  • Don’t know where the lack exists in your life and where food is filling your gaps
  • Haven’t made it a full lifestyle change that you love
  • Created a new story about who you are and how you live, eat, think and move
  • Let go of the past
  • Haven’t embraced a new persona (who is the new version of you, the healthy, happy, vibrant version?)
  • Haven’t shifted your mindset from negative and limiting to positive and connected

Yes this sounds like a lot, which is why I teach this over the course of 9 months to a year.  But, I can tell you right now, if you read the above list and have not taken on these pieces then you will lose weight, but it will come back again.

Lasting weight loss comes from you…

  • Letting go of who you used to be…release all limiting beliefs
  • Forgiving yourself and anyone from your past that you feel let you down or hurt you in anyway
  • Embracing this new life and way of being, each day, every day
  • Finding fitness you love
  • Eating foods that excite you and feel good for your body
  • Thinking thoughts that make you feel good and thrive in life
  • Connecting to your body and yourself
  • Loving you up
  • Being your own best friends, top priority and advocate

So, who do you want to be? Who is the woman inside of you, dying to be seen, to shine bright to live fully in this life?

Is she an….

  • early riser
  • a creative type
  • adventurous
  • organized
  • active
  • healthy
  • stylish

Think of the woman inside you, connect with her, ask her what she needs to shine, what does she need to get this weight off?

Then listen. Listen closely, allow whatever is to come.  Tears, smiles, laughter, anger…feel it.  Then write it down.

Sit with you and do this exercise, connect and let love in.  You will get your answers and from there you will hear how to stop self sabotaging your efforts for lasting weight loss and so much more!

Much love to you!!!


Was this helpful? Do you find yourself losing weight and then going back to your old ways and gaining it back? I’d love to hear from you, post in the comments below!