Do you wake up thinking about what you’re going to eat for breakfast or cursing yourself for eating too much the night before?

Have you been obsessing about your weight? It’s all you think about…

Did you swear off wine, cookies, ice cream, chips, eating out and even chocolate…you’ll do anything to get the extra weight off!!!

Well, the thing is, I have to say this, but these tactics aren’t going to work. I know because I tried them all.

When I studied mindset mastery and became a hypnotherapist, I was floored to learn that the subconscious mind does not understand the words NO and NOT. So when I would say, “I am not going to eat Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream (my fave;)” my mind would direct me and say “I AM GOING to eat mint chocolate chip ice cream”.

I was always stunned at how I would tell myself, stop myself even, and say “Melissa, you will NOT overeat tonight” and within 30 minutes I had overeaten and wasn’t stopping…

Have you been there? It’s the worst and what feels even worse than the immense full feeling in your belly, is that you know you were completely 10000% aware of what you were doing and you know you sooo badly want to lose weight, so why, WHY would you still eat?!?

I’m going to tell you in today’s video.

In fact, I’m going to not only explain why but share with you a powerful and super simple exercise you can do anywhere to take you out of autopilot so you stop sabotaging yourself and your weight loss.

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