Guess what?

I received an invitation from the man who started the coaching world himself, Tony Robbins.EEK! He and his wife sent me a special invitation to be their guest at his event in NYC last week called Unleash The Power Within.  I was like, pinch me please and then replied Hell YES! A perfect way to commence having cancer and kickstart life anew!

So I walked on hot coals, danced…a lot, cried and shouted from the rooftops releasing what I was letting go of in life, and celebrating with extreme gratitude and excitement for my life, who I am and what’s ahead. (I do this on my retreats but I have not done this for myself in a while and it felt soo good!)

We focus insane amounts of time and energy on our bodies (not being what we want), being fit and looking good.

But what I learned a long time ago, is that it’s a mental game. It’s not the diet tips, it’s the massive action we take to achieve our goals that matters and then turning those actions into our daily practice.

Stop overthinking and start doing!

Tony Robbins said, “I created the man before you…I built this man, this Tony Robbins.”  He then shared more of his story of being broke, coming from abuse, being homeless and how he found himself overweight and depressed (these 2 usually go hand-in-hand) and broke.

At that moment, he made a choice, he got so sick of the pain, the suffering from these feelings of being less than and what they were costing him.

He longed to be happy, to help others and live a beautiful and meaningful life.  He knew the 1st step was to feel empowered through his health and getting his body in top physical shape, so from that day on he changed his diet and began running.  Within 30 days he lost 38 pounds.  40 years later he still does his daily routine, eats to fuel his body and enjoys foods and life outside of his routine.

The point is, fit, thin and successful people don’t just pop out that way, we work for it.  But it doesn’t feel like work, it becomes who you are.

We also make a choice and take massive action. By massive, I mean we stop talking about it, complaining about it, planning it, researching it…we do something about it.

It does not take long to get results, but half assed actions, lead to half assed results.

Thinking about what you want, will not get you what you want.  It actually exhausts your mind into thinking you’ve taken massive action, so you feel like you’ve been dieting for decades and tell yourself you can’t lose weight, when the truth is, you’ve only thought about it but haven’t done much to reach your goal.

How many times have you felt this way?

Being mentally, spiritually and emotionally fit is just as important, if not more important than being physically fit. 

Why, because the mind is the driver that will keep you from the body you want. Your mind only knows what you’ve taught it.

If your mind never experienced having lasting weight loss, or how to lose weight easily, if it’s never seen you at the body size you desire, then it will not be working with you to get there.

The mind is set up for survival, it’s there to protect you.  The unknown of listening to your body and weight loss being easy, doesn’t feel good to the mind, so it stops you.

The way to make healthy living and weight loss lasting for you (no more yo-yoing) is by doing what I teach in my Weight Loss For Life, MK Jumpstart and Body Bliss Programs…it’s you creating the person you want to be, the habits that feel amazing for you and sticking to them.

Sounds great, right? So I’m sure you’re sitting there going, great, so how do I do that?

5 Tips to Achieving Lasting Weight Loss (no sugar-coating here…don’t hate me)

  1. Stop talking and start moving.  Yes you don’t need an elaborate plan, just move.
  2. Excuses are for those that like to be victims and stay stuck in their circumstance.  Write down how many excuses you make in one day for why you didn’t workout, eat healthy, get to sleep on time, have prepared meals on hand, get important tasks done…quickly you’ll see if you thrive as a victim.
  3. There is no wrong or right way to lose weight. Eat less and move more.  Have protein at each meal.
  4. Create Your Standard of Living.  Write down the woman you want to be, how you want to look and how you want to act, feel etc.  Make this your own new standard for living, are your choices, thoughts and actions in alignment? If not, make adjustments.
  5. Manage Your Mind. What you believe, your mind will achieve. You can want to lose wight desperately but if you call yourself fat, don’t look at yourself in the mirror, tell yourself you can’t lose weight, are frustrated and disgusted with yourself, how can you expect your body to lose weight? How can you expect to follow through on your commitments? It’s time to flip that switch and turn to love instead of hate for oneself. It’s not working.

Did this speak to you? Out of these 5 tips which are you going to action today? Tell me in the our private, exclusive Done With Dieting online community, where you can not only share with like-minded women but receive support so you too can be Done With Dieting!

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